Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Kitchens

How Do You Feel About Them?
I think they can look pretty snazzy, like this one.
This is a very modern take on what used to be the rage in kitchens back in the 1950's.
This is a photo is of pink metal cabinets which were state of the art in the 50's.
My Aunt Jane had a pink kitchen much like the one above except her's was pristine.
As a kid, I thought it pretty cool.
I couldn't understand why she hated it.
She'd inherited it when they bought their old house.
How about this one? I have to say I love that old buffet as an island.
This kitchen is a confection. Literally, it looks like an iced cupcake.
all girly and feminine
This one is small but nice. The wood floors keeps it grounded.
Lots of retro pink here
And this is Dita's pink kitchen.
It comes complete with lady head vases and dachshunds.
A very shabby one with retro pink stove.
Over the top french glamour with pink touches.
How about just a touch of pink...such as stove only.
Or just a fridge.
I think this is pretty fabulous with all the art and the pink walls.
I kind of really love this one with the pink fridge, industrial loft elements, chandelier 
and pink velvet sofa.

Would you ever do pink in the kitchen?
I used to have pink accents such as mixing bowls and lots of pink handled
kitchen tools. But it's all put away now for black, white and silver.
Still I love it, I think because my Aunt Jane had those pink metal cabinets when I was a kid.

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jeanetteann said...

I love pink,but couldn't live with a pink kitchen. I remember my neighbour many years ago back in the 70's had one,I thought it very strange. Having said that,if one likes it then who's to say you shouldn't,that person has to live with it after all. xxoo

Cynthia Myers said...

I should be leaving for work and yet here I am, scrolling back and forth looking at all these kitchens. I don't really care for the frilly ones or the ones with lots of retro collected pieces but my dream would be the Modern white kitchen with the pink stove.
My reality would be the one with the painted pink wall covered in painting. My house has paintings EVERYWHERE! LOL!
Hmmmm. Maybe I COULD do Pink in the kitchen!
LOVE this post and thanks!
Thanks for making me late to work!
LOL! - Cindi

DearHelenHartman said...

I LOVE the pink Kitchens. Probably wouldn't go there myself, more of a RED girl but looking at them makes me think twice about that.

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I studied each and every one of these pics...and that doesn't happen very often (usually I do a quick skim)! They're all just lovely in their own way. I love pink and wish my hubby wouldn't balk at a pink kitchen. But sadly, he would freak! Thanks for sharing these!

Natasha in Oz said...

I'm not sure I could have a pink kitchen but it was fun looking at all of these great pictures!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

Gabriela Delworth said...


Love the ones that you can have a meal in the kitchen. Love the amazing decor and mix of things.


Marie Arden said...

I love them!I wish I could have a pink ice box and pink stove. I have to be happy with all my pink small appliances. I love Dita's kitchen so chic just like she is. I have a pinterest on her she is my fashion idol! Have a Pink day! said...

Carolina Fernandez's book Country French Kitchens features a kitchen with cream cabinets, a brown and cream checkerboard floor, chocolate brown walls and pink accents everywhere. It's a color scheme I never would have thought of, and it's absolutely gorgeous. There's even a glass jar filled with only brown, white and pink jellybeans. Beautiful, although it looks like no one ever actually cooks in it! said...

Carolina Fernandez's book Country French Kitchens features a kitchen with cream cabinets, a brown and cream checkerboard floor, chocolate brown walls and pink accents everywhere. It's a color scheme I never would have thought of, and it's absolutely gorgeous. There's even a glass jar filled with only brown, white and pink jellybeans. Beautiful, although it looks like no one ever actually cooks in it!

gena said...

I think they were all pretty adorable! I would definitely have a pink kitchen if pink were my thing.

But, lavender is my thing and I absolutely have a lavender kitchen.... and a lavender bedroom, and a lavender living room and a lavender dining room and a lavender HOUSE.....well, you get the idea !

Happy Pink Saturday !!!!


Connie said...

LOve those pink kitchens especially the one with the white hutch for an island...beautiful.

Thanks for all the photos..a real treat.

PinkPeony said...

I love pink but for a kitchen, I think it would tire of it but pink touches, oh ya.....I love Corabelle rose's kitchen with the buffed for an island....hmmmm great idea.

Olivia said...

Ohhhh, I love these kitchens!!!!

romance-of-roses said...

Yes, on the pink kitchens. I love pink so anything pink is fine with me. Have many pink things in mine even a pink chandy.I am now following you, Hugs...Lu

All Ways Designing said...

Happy PINK Saturday! While I truly LOVE pink, only ONE of your kitchens would suit me. It's the one with the Buffet for the island! I like the colors and the fact that it's not ALL Pink!

Jan ♥

Cozy Little House said...

If I could add a little red to it, I'd do it. I especially am in love with the one that has the buffet as the island. That has me swooning!

Sharon in Chicago said...

I grew up with the yellow version of your 3rd pic -- the illustration of a 1950s kitchen. Just to give you more details -- the cabinets in the upper right, with the metal at the bottom? They're actually the refrigerator! There's a 3rd cabinet to the right of them that was the freezer. My mom nursed hers until the mid-1980s, then when it went kaput, she got to gut the kitchen and start all over since there wasn't a spot on the floorplan for a fridge! Love the pink kitchens, but any home I'm in will always have a touch of that butter yellow -- that's "home" to me.

chubskulit said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Happy pink Saturday.

Come and see my PINK entry, when you get a chance, thanks!

PS.. I am now following your blog, it would be delightful if you can follow my family blog too, thank you!

Tricia said...

Love it! Don't know that I would do it in our current cottage....but maybe one day when we are closer to the beach : o )

Leah H. said...

Impressive.. I like to have a Pink kitchen:)

Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

Do you love him Loretta said...

I love pink, but I think I would stick with white with touches of pink, like the GORGEOUS SMEG!!!! I'd take a SMEG in Union Jack, or any colour I could get my grubby little paws on!

Liz - Imageremix said...

When I bought my 1956 house in the 80's, it was still decorated with everything original, including a pink stove! I was sort of embarrassed by it but got used to it with time. It wasn't until I came home one day to see it out by the road (it had had a little fire) and knew it was to be no more that I started to rethink it. I mourn the loss every time the pink kitchen topic comes up. Had I known it would one day be valuable in a vintage sense, I would have never let it go (that and a zillion other things!). I sure wish I had that stove now. It would be "to die for" in my kitchen today. We didn't know what we had then. But we were young and it was the 80's. What did we know.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Okay....that does it!!!! I LOVE PINK KITCHENS!!! And I think Dita is my new best friend....You know that ugly poop brown island in my kitchen? Well it is getting a fresh coat of PINK paint. This week. :D

Have a great week, Sweetie!


Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed it so much! Love the confection kitchen! I do love pink, but do not think I could put it in my kitchen. Thanks for the eye candy!

Austine Etcheverry said...

Wow, I have not ever been a huge pink person until recently. But these photos make me want to redecorate my entire kitchen in pink, especially a pink fridge. I might start looking for such a great piece. And the pink stoves in the two kitchen's completely stand out and look amazing. Love your site.

Lisa said...

Everything looks good in pink.

Gwen said...

What beauty! I love this post, awesome pink kitchens :) I have quite a few pink things all around the house LOL
Thanks for this article, I enjoyed it very much.

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