Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Whimsy

A little fun in the garden
a whimsical path of grass under a shocking pink tree creates 
a Seuss-like landscape
These homeowners must have a sense of humor with these silly sculpted bushes
How about a stream of blue glass?
creeping jenny splashes out like water in this birdbath
a simple gazebo frames one perfect topiary

Do you find humor in your garden?

My crepe myrtles are blooming. 
They always make me so happy to see their color in the summer.
I'm thinking I might plant one in the front yard and let it grow into a tree.
I have one in back that is tree sized.
I resisted when my neighbor offered to cut it back a couple of years ago.
I like them big like trees, not kept as bushes.

How about you?


Jean said...

Definitely big crepe myrtles.

Belinda said...

I love the grass pattern in that first picture! So fun!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Nita that first shot is my favorite, GORGEOUS!! Love the creeping jenny in the birdbath too!

Dorothy said...

I have 2 crepe myrtles. we let one grown tall and too close to driveway so had to cut it back, now it has grown again so we will see what we do this time. I love crepe myrtles, tree or bush is fine with me.
Love the first picture also. How can anyone keep the grass trimmed like that is a mystery to me.

Squeak said...

I love these pictures!

The whimsy in my garden is in the form of cement animals - a duck, two bunnies, a turtle, a frog and two little birds.

An Urban Cottage said...

I kinda like the silly sculpted shrubs. Alongside the house, it's quite like a storybook come to life. Very creative.

HollyM said...

I want my crepe myrtle to be as full and pink as that first photo! Definitely, they should be tree sized.

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG Nita! I love this post!
Especially the first 3 photos!
I agree, as big as a tree!
My garden is full of HUMOR.
Sometimes I think it's all one big joke.

Bliss said...

Those bushes remind me of corndogs and homemade styrofoam cup frozen treats.

And is that a new header I see? Looking fine!

Cyndia said...

I love all but the heavily pruned shrubbery. My garden is very whimsical. I use many upcycled items as decor and paint them funky colors to echo the flowers and foliage.
As for crape myrtles, I prefer them to be left alone as much as possible. Down here we call those that are pruned "crape murder", and prefer to preach "the right plant for the spot", rather than having the need to continually prune. There are at least half a dozen in my garden and I love them all. The Natchez makes a terrific shade tree, especially for a small garden.

Karen said...

I've never thought about whimsical gardens before,but they are fun and so cute. I might need to try that birdbath idea.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

This was a fun post, so thank you, Nita! I live a little too far north to grow crepe myrtle, but I think they are just gorgeous, and I would go big and bold with them. Love the blue glass river running through the one bed, and I have a ton of golden creeping Jenny which will soon play a role in our next big garden project!

garden sheds sale said...

Those sculpted bushes are really cute! Love them.

Connie said...

In the south we grow Crepe Myrtle trees. They are trimmed back on the branch tips in late winter to promote new growth and blossoms. Eventually they are beyond reaching and manage to bloom anyway. My white Natchez is about forty feet and around twenty years old. Makes a wonderful dense shade. They thrive in heat and humidity.

That pink one is fabulous.

Denise said...

I have both of mine trimmed into tree form. One of mine is blooming. The other always blooms a bit later. I would love to have one of the ruby red variety. Don't know what it's called.

Traci said...

Love crepe myrtles, and mine is just starting to bloom too. Most Crepe Myrtles are trees out here in California. You see a few that are grown as bushes but not many. My husband wanted to cut it down a few years ago because it had afides (?sp). But I was able to buy a systemic pesticide to control them and I got to keep my beautiful tree.
Thanks for sharing.

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