Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Yard of the Month

I'm on the Yard of the Month Committee for my neighborhood, Edgemere Park.
We are starting off this summer of beautiful yards by selecting one of my neighbors.
I get to look across the street to this beautiful yard, every day.

This yard has not looked like this long. 
The yard was a mess until a couple of years ago when the new owner, Mike and his friend
decided it was time to make it beautiful.

Fortunately, the friend has a degree in horticulture.
I love this front side patio on the house.
At Christmas there is always a lighted tree out here.
I love that.
Two huge trees shade the front yard.
Hydrangeas and a japanese maple are planted beneath these large trees.
More hydrangeas around the side of the house.
ferns too
Another view of the side front patio.
I wish I had a spot like this.
I do have a small front side patio but it's not raised like this one nor does it have a railing.
But I know some plants and furniture would go far to make it feel special like this one.
Hydrangeas, ferns and other plantings line the sidewalk to the backyard.
I would love this to be my walk from the car to the house each morning and evening.
Wouldn't you?
Just inside the gate, you'll see the plantings don't end.
All the large plants in their backyard are over wintered in the small garage apartment.
The centerpiece of the backyard is a raised vegetable garden.
The raised bed is made of cinder blocks.
The great thing about the cinder blocks is that plants can be planted inside the holes of the blocks.
Here you see basil planted.
There were all kinds of herbs planted around the entire bed.
Great idea!
Come back on Sunday when I'll give a tour of the inside of this cottage.
Aren't I lucky to see this every day?


Cara @ Live the Home Life said...

Beautiful patio! Love the shade tree as well.


Rooms by Ann said...

I love the patio and all those beautiful plants

Curtains in My Tree said...

yes you are lucky to see it everyday
I am working in my yard without a degree LOl

I love hydrangeas my all time favorite

Cozy Little House said...

You are lucky, Nita! I wish you could see my neighbors on either side of me. Yuck!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

As a one time recipent of Yard of the Month in our town, it gives such inspiration to try and make your yard the best..something to be proud of. lucky you that house is viewed from your home!

vintage girl at heart said...

love his garden and yard!! i cannot wait to see the inside. thanks for sharing!

pam {simple details} said...

What a gorgeous view you have! It's beautiful and on top of that they must be very nice to let you share it with all of us! :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Nita, it is beautiful! And what a good job you did making it Yard of the Month. You've got me looking forward to the inside.

Hope you're summers starting out great...
Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Art and Sand said...

What a lovely yard to look at. Right now the house across the lane is "disgusting". It is a once every 2 months beach house for our neighbor and the yard has gone to seed. I am actually thinking of going over there this weekend and pulling weeds.

I like your neighborhood idea of 'yard of the month'

Sharon in Chicago said...

And they are lucky to have someone as wonderful as you for their neighbor! And the weenies, of course!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I love the pink hydrangeas! And big trees are such an asset to a property I think~nice!

Michelle said...

Simply can't wait to see more of this house. You know you are living in one of my favorite parts of OKC. This is way better than HGTV!

Patty said...

I am sure they same the same about your lovely home!! They probably love you and your weenies!

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