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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Open House Sunday

 This little tudor is in my neighborhood. It went up for sale last month and sold within a week.
I shared this home last year when it got Yard of the Month.
At the time...I didn't get upstairs photos and I was losing the light when I took the photos
so I thought it a good idea to share these again.
Some of these are my photos and some are the realtor's photos.
The front yard has a natural landscape. The grass is buffalo grass.
The owners took out the front stone steps and manicured the lawn before putting it up for sale.
This is how the yard appeared last year. 
I guess they were afraid new potential owners would not like the wilder look of this.
This home was abandoned for years in the neighborhood.
 It was owned by a family that moved out long ago but did not want to sell it.
So the home sat empty for like 20 plus years. Cats and raccoons were living in it!
Finally, the owners pushed by the neighborhood's attorney...agreed to sell it.
The new owners had a monumental task of getting this home back into shape.
I love the balcony that looks over the two story living room.
Notice the brick fireplace?
 When I toured the home last year...the fireplace was just rough brick remnants of what had been before. 
If you'll notice the brick is flush to the wall.
 The owners built it out from the wall. 
An interesting still feels vintage. I had this same situation in my own home.
Someone has ripped out my fireplace decades ago.
I built a fireplace made of antique tile and new antique looking tile to resemble a fireplace of the 
This fireplace would not be what would have been originally. 
There are only a few brick 
fireplaces in the neighborhood - most are tile.
Although it's not works in this home. I'd add a mantel. Something rustic.
Ok, I'm not sure if that is how that light fixture in the dining room is suppose to be 
or if they put a bag on it while painting the room. What do you think?
This was how the light appeared when I took photos last year.
There were no kitchen photos on the MLS listing so I was glad I had shot a few.
I thought this kitchen was just amazing. It was small and had no upper cabinets.
But I love the finishes. Love that little nook above the stove.
 Marble counters always make me happy. 
 This is the ceiling in the kitchen.
 Beyond the kitchen was a little room just before the backdoor.
There this fabulous industrial sink provides extra prep space.
This little room does have cabinets.

 Another little nook. 
 And stainless steel shelving for glasses.
A nice simple office. Oh...I wish I could live this simplified.
This house is amazing in that it has arched top doors inside. 
Upstairs is the master bedroom.
Wonderful ceiling angles in the top rooms of this home.
This is the master bathroom upstairs.
That sink is original to the home. 
It looks pink in this photo but it's actually lavender.
The home owner told me she was soooo excited when she found electric sconces in 
a matching shade. 
All else in this bathroom is new.
I hope the new owners keep this sink.
It's just too fabulous!

I don't have a MLS page on this home...I'm sorry to say...cause it sold too quick!
Someone got a very special house indeed.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Open House Sunday

Historic Brookhaven Home
in Atlanta
built 1933
A classic tudor nestled among the trees
 This warm tudor is filled with warm antiques and art.

 Amazing fireplaces in this home. 
Interesting art and folk art furniture.
 But look at this kitchen! This kitchen is why I am showing this home.
I love the glass front fridge, the way the cabinets are built around the wall oven and the lights
above the counters! 
 Another great fireplace
Pretty built in with beverage sink. 
 Love the doors in this room and the dresser over to the right. 
I'm not sure who that is in the corner. Jesus? St. Francis?
Another large sculpture in this room too. Warm rugs are scattered every where. 
 I'm pretty sure that is Abe Lincoln standing in front of a portrait of Bill Clinton.
Nice big bedroom on an upper floor. Room of many rugs.
Adore this bath. Not sure about the quirky tables.
 wonderful porch
 down the stairs
 through the door
 and into a secret passage
 to find
 a wine cellar of distinction
Lovely back patio....with nice water feature
a bucolic view
surrounded by trees
 a perfect setting
for a perfect tudor
see full listing here
 After work on Friday, I stopped by the Old Farmer's Market and picked up
a Forever & Ever "Together" hydrangea.

Look at those double blooms that will bloom all summer and into fall.

I'm not sure where this is going in the garden but it's going somewhere.
It may be going in a large pot.

Now I just have to find a large pot!
I'm having a hard time finding one. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Open House Sunday

Greige Cottage in Dallas
built 1929
This little cottage is all greige on the outside.
It has the typical tudor revival details that I love on houses of this age and size.

The front beds are full of cheerful! 
A side view of the house house shows it's been added on to quite a bit.
So it's actually pretty big over 2,800 square feet.
So it's a classic tudor revival on the outside but when we go inside.....

This house has been extensively renovated. Which is a shame. Gone are all the vintage details.
Yes, that's an impressive stone fireplace. But I'd rather have what was originally in this cottage.
That's a new door that looks old. I wonder what the original old door looked like?
My gosh that's a huge floor lamp!

The decor is very much Restoration Hardware, isn't it?
The house is greige on the outside and it's VERY greige on the inside.
Walls have been opened inside and new arches put in...problem is these are obviously new arches.
They don't look anything like how original arches look in these homes.
It looks like all new construction inside...gone are any of the 1929 details except for the windows.
 There are some really beautiful pieces of furniture in this house but I think this serves as an example that you can have too much of a good thing.
I kind of like the big sofa. I like that weird chair too but it just seems too big.
Hate that coffee table. The room needs some softness ottoman would have been better.
And what is that on the coffee table? Aliens?
I do love this little room. The little Restoration Hardware sofa is just fine here. Fits the space well.
I like those chairs too but the coffee too big and too much. 
That hall table I think is RH too. Perhaps the person that owns this house works there.
Very nice kitchen. Notice the steampunk industrial lighting above the kitchen island?
I do love the terrarium here.
Very nice kitchen....greige...greige...greige, though.

I can't help but wonder what the original kitchen was like?
I bet I would have liked it better than this one...even though this one is high end.
Do you like those lights over the island. I do.
Love the feet on the cabinets.
I'd like this kitchen more if it had white subway tile instead of the travertine.
Ok, light fixture....RH.
The rest of the furniture? I don't know.
Notice the bar cart? That is very cool...but it's really large.
I do like the drapes in this house and I'm thinking of doing similar in my own home.
Of course I have to have some color in my rooms.
I can't live in a sea of greige.

Have to say...I really don't like this furniture....I really don't.
In the master...a little RH mixed with a bed from somewhere else.

I'd feel like the Princess and the Pea in this big bed. It would be fun to sleep in with all the dogs though.
A friend of mine has a very similar bed to this except her's is an antique from India.
Anyway...she has to stuff the end of the bed between the mattress and the foot board with pillows.
When she got the bed...I told her she'd have to do that or the dogs would fall down in there.
She did't believe me but after being awoken a couple of times by dogs having fallen through the space.
Yes, she had to stuff it full of pillows.

One time her big 100 pound Shepherd mix got his back legs down there and both she and he didn't know how to get him out. Big moment of panic there. She almost had to call the fire department.
Luckily they finally did get him out without injury.

Wouldn't do for me to have a bed like this Harvey would roll right off and be stuck in that crevice for hours.
 A den up in the redone attic. Perfect space to watch tv.
They don't show a tv but I'm sure there must be one.
I have no complaints about this bath. 
Love every single thing about it including the gray shower curtain.
That would be the original tub. I'd like the original sink over this big one.
But I do like this sink. 
This bedroom has a West Elm vibe, doesn't it?
I wonder if this house is a mix of a husband with contemporary tastes and a wife with antique desires?
Very nice bath.
I'd style the shelves differently and why brown towels when everything else in this house is gray?
Lovely pool out back and the greige continues but it's nice with a little blue isn't it.
Can you imagine if a little blue were added inside? I think it would bring the interiors to life.
Gray outdoor furniture. Love those planters.
This would be my favorite area of the yard. Love love love this stone patio.
I wonder what that is planted between the stones?
Large covered patio...Love the curtains.
I wonder why this doesn't have furniture on it?
It would be so good if it did.

So what do you think of this house?
Too much of a good thing?
It's too greige for me. It's too much RH.
I love some of it but it would be better with a little color added in
and I would not have taken out the original fireplace.

Seems most of the vintage character is gone.'s pretty and many would love...but I'd prefer it more original.

See the full listing here.

One more thing...
I also ran across this house when I was looking for a cottage to show.
The inside was not blog worthy but I fell in love with the outside.
Especially the pots of purple pansies at the steps.
Notice the pansies in the flower beds too?
Oh...Love the way this looks...just love, love, love it!

See full listing here.

Have a Happy Sunday!
I'm lucky and get to stay home on this cold blustery day.
I asked off so that I could be sure to be home watching the Oscars.
Otherwise I would have been at the store setting up for next month's event during the whole show!

Super happy that I'll be home or I might go to a friend's but I'll be watching that is for sure!
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