Saturday, February 6, 2010

When in doubt - paint it white...

The Power of White Paint

I know probably every single one of you reading this post understands the power of white paint. I've been painting things white since I was in high school. My friend, Deidra who is my shopping and decorating buddy always says when I buy something, "I know, I know... it will look even better once you paint it white". She's not a paint it white person. She's a paint it every color in the rainbow person.

But here's a few photos of how white makes furniture purchased mostly at Hobby Lobby pop! I adore Hobby Lobby. Nothing gets me more excited then when they start putting out the new furniture and garden stuff in the late winter. I tried to go by there tonight...but you know...they close at 8pm...which is ridiculous and they aren't open on Sunday, which is just cruel because it's always a Sunday when I want to go there.

Here are a few things before and after being painted white.


I bought this little table at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. It sat in the living room a little is. But I always knew it would be white. Everyone that saw it told me not to paint it. But it's so much better against my pink sofa in white.


The table to the side of the sofa is another Hobby Lobby find. I waited like two years to paint this one...because I really did like it in the original color...but after painting the sofa table, I knew I had to paint this one too. The coffee table in front is from Hobby Lobby also...from about 8 years ago. It came already painted but I added the glass to the top.


Here is the sofa table in white.



In this photo you can see both tables and in the distance another small table that matches the sofa table. I love the Power of White.

See that little french chest behind the sofa? It's getting painted next. The lamp that sits upon it was a hideous gold thing that I bought at Tuesday 8 years ago.

This desk sits on the opposite side of the room on the other side of the door. I bought this desk for $5 on the side of the road many many years ago. I painted it white about 10 years ago. The mirror above it...I painted it too of course. I have two of these. One on each side of the doorway. They were originally just metal window things. I added the mirrors behind them. 

In the dining room sits a 1920's or 30's dining room set my Mom bought me at the Salvation Army. It's waiting it's white paint. I'll post before and after pics of it. It is next on the list of projects to complete.

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Rene said...

You're right, the contrast of the white pieces is nice against the other colors in your room. Been doing some of that myself. Very pretty!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Yes!! The white really pops against your sofa! Very nice! Your home has so many beautiful touches.

Thanks for linking up to SNS!
FJ Donna

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I totally agree about painting things white. It may be boring at time, but it never looks bad. Your piece looks so much better in the white. Great choice!

Prior said...

My vote is for the white also! It looks fresh and clean... I love that framed piece on the wall. Lezlee

Dawn said...

I love the pop of white against the sofa, it looks great!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

You live in an absolutely beautiful home, and a fabulous neighborhood--I must admit I'm a bit jealous! I've always loved tudors.

You're right, white paint (well, paint in general) makes most things look better. I love thrifting and rarely find something that a little paint can't fix!

Thank you for your kind comment about my kitchen on Better After!

Chris said...

You're so right. The power of paint is an amazing thing! All those pieces are just lovely!

'LUSH' said...

So true........"when in doubt paint it white". Love it!

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