Monday, February 1, 2010

Love me some Ga Ga!

I just had to post about how great The Grammy's were tonight, especially Lady Ga Ga...she's definitely a Mod Vintage Girl. Love, love, love her. Her duet with Sir Elton was over the top fabulous.

If you missed it...check it out on YouTube...

I was truly amazed by Pink's performance. I couldn't believe her aerobatic skills. 

It was jaw dropping amazing. Is everyone just going to keep trying to top one another till someone ends up dying mid performance at one of these Award Shows?

It was news to me that Green Day's "American Idiot" will soon be a Broadway show. When I first got that CD...I thought...this would be a great musical on Broadway...obviously some big time producer had the same idea. Wonder how long till it makes it way to Oklahoma City...hmmm probably 15 years. 


I thought the 2010 Grammy's were just fantastic...the performances over the top better than seen in years...but it didn't seem like they gave out many awards. Just lots of performances. The announcers kept saying this or that person had won earlier in the evening...but we hadn't seen that it must have been heavily edited. more thing...poor Taylor Swift...when do you think someone is going to tell her that she is tone deaf? She sings flat. From the look on Stevie Nick's face during their duet...I think she might tell her immediately after they left the stage. Well, if she didn't, she should have. Taylor seems like a very nice girl...and she appreciates all she is receiving award wise. She should, because one of these days someone is going to burst her bubble and say..."I'm write good songs and you are pretty...but you sing flat and all those awards you received were only because of the millions of teenagers infatuated with you. One day you're Taylor Swift...

the next day your Britney Spears...

just ask Miley Cyrus.

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Dawn said...

Yeah, poor Taylor Swift - that was almost, no.. it WAS painful to watch! Oh, but Lady Gaga and Elton John was AMAZING! Great post!

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