Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Decorating Inspiration - "Topper" circa 1937

I've been under the weather the past few days...lying low...trying to get over the world's worst cold and flu. This afternoon as I recuperated on the sofa...I watched the 1937 movie, "Topper". I can't believe I'd never seen it as I love old movies. But somehow I'd missed it all these years. Oh...I knew of it...but I didn't even know that the great Cary Grant was in it much less...Constance Bennett who I love. So as I lay being sick on the sofa (under a pile of weenie dogs)...I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of it all and especially the 1937 clothing and sets. It's certainly worth looking for if you haven't seen it. Cary and Constance are just delightful together.

image source: www.moviegoods.com

image source: www.carygrant.net

Then after I watched the movie...I started thinking about having a bedroom inspired by the great art deco sets. So I compiled what I'd run out and buy tomorrow if I were going to do a bedroom fitting Constance Bennett. Even though I was imaginary shopping,  I tried to make this realistic and so shopped affordable options. Believe it or not I got almost all of this at Pier 1. If you haven't shopped Pier 1 in awhile...you are in for a surprise. I used to think of it as dorm and apartment furniture. But it's not that any more at all. It's full of budget priced options for a well dressed home. I for real bought the smoke blue ruffle pillow in this montage there last week. 

Here's Constance's bedroom ala 2010. Pier 1 does not have bedding...so I found this one at JC Penney online. Everything else is Pier 1. I especially love the range of chairs they carry. Like the one pictured below...that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I love mirrored furniture and eventually will have a piece in my home...just haven't found the piece for me yet. 

Today my new camera came so I'll be able to take better photos for future posts and now that I'm feeling better, I'll be able to get back to projects around my house. Stay tuned....

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Unknown said...

Your imaginary room is beautiful. Imaginary shopping. What a fantastic idea. And I like that you followed a budget.
I hope you feel better soon and I will be looking forward to some new post pic from the new camera.