Sunday, February 17, 2013

Open House Sunday

A Man's Home is his Castle
This 1934 cottage in Highland Park, Dallas, Texas is like a small castle in it's details.
a pretty front walkway
golden light through the windows
stone floor, beams and stone doorways
I'm loving that chest to the right with it's painted mural.
oh...there's a sheep loose in the house!
Cozy living room with another sheep gazing out the window.
equally cozy kitchen. That's an odd kitchen island but fits the house.
Love the big window in the breakfast nook.
Those brick columns are unusual. Makes me wonder if this was originally a porch.
I believe it was...see the windows in the wall. I believe this was once a porch.
Another cozy room
An unusual rounded staircase.
lovely peachy bedroom
and bath also in peach tones
This home owner obviously loves a peachy pink.
Those little beds are delightful.
What a pretty bedroom under the eaves.
This side yard is ripe for an easter egg hunt.
Such a lovely space.
nice patio
Looks like the arbor has wisteria growing up it. I bet this is a knock out when it blooms.
I'm not sure what that is at the end of the walkway. Perhaps a very large toad house?
Another patio, this time with a wonderful faux bois table and stools.
Yes, this place is indeed a castle. 
It is the perfect setting for a fairytale.

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Cynthia Myers said...

OK, full disclosure here. I HATE peach. It almost makes me physically sick. I'm sure it's because I had a horrible hateful relative whose home was mostly peach.
That being said, I think I might like this house if it was painted in greys, white and blue or turquoise? and all the furniture replaced and....nevermind.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm being too negative.
I do like the chair next to the fireplace in "another cozy room" and I kinda like the fireplace but is that a mermaid light fixture?
ok, I'm shutting up now.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I understand what Cynthia means....I don't have an aversion to peach, but I do have an aversion to pale lavender because I saw it in a coffin at a funeral once when I was put snakes in my head....

The folks who own this house have a sense of humor with the sheep (or maybe the realtor does, LOL).

I love the home. I would buy it (if I could only afford it) strictly based on the exterior and outdoor living spaces. They are fantastic!

Thanks for another great open house, Nita!


Anonymous said...

This is truly a gorgeous home! I love almost everything about it. It's decorated so beautifully and it all seems to flow together nicely. Cynthia cracked me up! I don't normally like peach either (or lavendar for that matter) but somehow it doesn't bother me in this home. Thanks for the tour!

Dawna (Stitches from the Tub) said...

I'm with all of the above - not a peach girl. That being said, this house is so beautiful, so serene I could probably live with it for a very short while. Thanks for the tour.

Rooms by Ann said...

What a great home, I don't mind the colors. I would change the kitchen island.

slayer said...

Yeah, the color scheme isn't ideal for me, I am a serious neutrals girl. I don't harshly disagree with any of the decorating EXCEPT... What the crap is the tiny little hideous flintstone, bedrock, dinosaur bone, wine rack/island? Unfortunately being in texas with cowboys, the sheep sadly make sense. boo

Cindy said...

That whole house is perfectly delightful! I love it. You really do find the coolest houses, Nita.
Hugs, Cindy

Traci Creel said...

What a unique house. Love the rounded staircase and the round brick columns. You are showing a lot of homes from Dallas lately, what is the connection?

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