Sunday, February 10, 2013

Open House Sunday

Greige in Highland Park, Dallas
built 1973
Obviously this home has had extensive changes since the year it was built.
I like the simplicity of the outside with it's front courtyard and balconies.
The inside of this home is very greige all over. Unusual to see the brick floor throughout this home.
I do like that the same color pallet goes through the home.
That lamp on the far wall almost looks suspended in air but it's resting on a lucite table.
An interesting mix of old and new in this room.
I saw a coffee table just like this at Ross, yesterday.
We have chairs like that at Pier 1 but in a different fabric.
What do you think about the minimalistic chandeliers?
They fit the vibe of this home.
I do think the diversity of the groups of furniture is weird.
Traditional on one side (which I love) and then more mod club like at the other end.
Not crazy about that....I'd rather see the whole room decorated like the fireplace end.
So much brick in this home! 
Which normally I wouldn't care for but I do like the color of this brick.
Love the nook for the stove.
I love those two bar stools. 
This room would really be spectacular with white marble countertops. 
With the seems too much of the same color.
Pretty little breakfast area.
Office area off the kitchen. Stained concrete floors in here.
Very soothing bedroom. I like the mix of furniture and textures.
The placement of those two chairs at the foot of the bed is a little odd.
I think they'd look better in a grouping a little further from the bed.
Pretty toile in the bath. Hate that countertop though.
White marble would be fantastic in this spot too.
Choices of fabrics are fun in this house. Like the comforter and curtains in this room.
boys room
girls room
I'd like to see this bedroom from a better view. Love the color of the walls and the curtains.
Family room off the backyard swimming pool.
Pretty flagstone patio.
I'm thinking there must be no backyard...just pool. 
It's a very pretty color...isn't it? But I'd prefer yard to pool. 

Do you like the greige color scheme of this house?
It's certainly a calm house.

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Pondside said...

I loved the outside of the house and like you, the fireplace end of the great room. Overall there's too much brick for me - and the bathroom, with so much pattern is waaaaay too busy. Lovely to take the tour, though - thanks!

Heidi said...

Beautiful home, but a little too monochromatic for my taste. I'd be tempted to paint random bricks in different colors! :P For the right person, it would be a dream home.

Dewena Callis said...

I like the living room chandeliers and the back doors with the big round windows. But I would not thrive in this house, Nita, not without some color and yes, the marble you mentioned.

Cynthia Myers said...

Love this house.
I agree that it's odd to have the 2 different styles of furniture in the same room. I'd say pick one or the other. I'd probably pick the Mod.
Marble is always good. :)
But I do like all that brick and concrete. It would be perfect for my world.
and of course I adore the pool.
Excellent open house!

Kay said...

omg, this home is GORgeous!! Found you through your comment on Poverty Gardens on Tara Dillard's blog. You are just my style.

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

There are lots of lovely elements in this home, including several pieces of furniture that are fabulous.'s feels blah to me. There are not enough contrasts. Also...I would prefer wood floors anywhere there is brick. But...that's just me. :D Thanks for the tour.

Pamela said...

I *love* the exterior.

And I'm in serious lust with the dining room walls. I wonder if they're papered or painted?

Cindy said...

That's a beautiful house, and I love the greige. I agree with you in that it should have marble counter tops, it would up the elegance factor. They used wonderful colours throughout, didn't they and the comforters and draperies were just fabulous!
Thanks for this! I always enjoy your Sunday posts and go looking for them.
Hugs. Cindy

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love it. Of course, I would love anything with space. We have a tiny home. But, I do like this house. You'll either love or hate those floors. I do love brick and they make it work with the color scheme they have. I love the flagstone in the back. I do like a pool as well. Nice!

bj said...

I LOVE the outside of this house.
Waaay too much brick for me...COLD.
I get the "I can't make up my mind WHAT style I want to use..."
Thanks so much for the wonderful tour.

Kristen Soderberg said...

Oh my, I cannot get enough of all your stuff! You should stop by our linky party and link up some of these posts! they are fantastic! here is the URL, hope to you see you there!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I agree that white marble would be fantastic in the kitchen! I like the house a lot, but would definitely need more color for my taste.

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