Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Winter Garden

I planned on taking photos today of my neighborhood with the snow coming down.
I was up very early to go into work.
And was suppose to be home by 1:00pm but
I ended up staying at work till 5:30 and all the snow was long gone.
I've been thinking about gardening a lot lately...always do at this time of year.
I'm ready to buy some ferns and other plants and start filling pots with greenery.
We've had a mild winter and it makes you think that it's almost time to plant.
But....then cold weather comes again.
More winter mix for tonight.
Isn't this photo never think about the beach covered in snow.
Love this image.

So, you know I found a lost little chihuahua back in December and soon found him 
a new home with a fellow blogger, Lindsey in Tulsa.

I now check her blog (Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes) frequently for news of little Pedro.
Here he is lying in the sun with his new chi chi family.
I am so thankful that he ended up in such a wonderful home.
You should go by Lindsey's blog and read what he's up to.
He's a smart little boy. That's him with his new cupcake.

Ah...nothing better than a warm puppy on a cold winter's day.
I should know...I've got four of them to snuggle with!

Hope you have one or two or three or more to snuggle with yourself.


An Urban Cottage said...

I so happy to hear about that the dog is doing well. I still think--because there were never flyers around looking for a lost dog--that someone dropped him off at your house knowing that you would take good care of him.

Sonia said...

Isn't a snow covered garden beautiful? I love the photos you chose! So glad that sweet puppy found a great home. I was snuggling with my furbabies this am too. Will have to drop by the store ..I need some springtime inspiration!
Miss Bloomers

24 Corners said...

so wonderful that Pedro is in such a loving home now...and that you ( and us) are able to see how he's couldn't have turned out more perfect, you're a wonderful puppy angel!
I've been dreaming of gardening ready!
xo J~

Catherine @ Vintage Frills said...

Such beautiful pictures. Everything looks so much more romantic in the snow!
Pedro is such a little cutie!

Meghan Grace said...

Awww, I am so happy for little Pedro. He looks so content with his new little Chi family! Bless you for taking care of him and finding him a wonderful place to live! Hugs, Meghan said...

We are about to get another storm this weekend -- if only it would look as pretty as your pictures, instead of brown and gray at this time of year. Pedro is so cute. Glad he's in a good home :)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Well, look at that.... he fits right in and what adorable little guy he is. I love happy endings when it comes to animals. You certainly did a wonderful thing.... God Bless You for that.

Enjoy your Evening~

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

there's that little boy Pedro...he is such a snuggler! :)

Jojo said...

I keep wishing that we could have a snow day...just one. Instead we've gotten more rain than I care to think about. There's more on the way.

The snowy pictures are beautiful.

Cindy said...

You have snow? OMGoodness! I am surprised, seeing how it's already February and Spring is just around the corner. One month away is all!
Your little found puppy is so cute! It's nice when you can find just the right home for a dog, isn't it. My grand kids have a dog that is half Chiwawa,

Olive said...

Hi Nita, Pedro is a little darling. You were so sweet and insightful in your comments today. Clovis, while old, died so suddenly. I am in shock, cannot go to sleep, and have a terrible headache. I ache for that fur face. I know you get it. big hugs, olive

Anonymous said...
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srpprcrftr said...

So cute, so wonderful of you to find him a home instead of letting him have to go to a shelter. The poor little things get so bewildered and lost feeling.
We don't have a chi but we adopted a 1 yr. old black lab/border collie 3 yrs ago and he's the sweetest guy, he's my baby (73 lbs. of him) altho he doesn't seem to like being referred to as a little boy.
We got him at PetSmart adoption fair one day and I truly feel that God meant him for us. He keeps us moving, interacting with him constantly since we're home all the time. We're two seniors.
We had a black cocker we had to put to sleep when she was little over 14. We'd had her since she was 4 months old, got her at the shelter in Helena, Mt. We also have a 10 yr. old cat that showed up at our house in KY one day and didn't want to leave so we kept him. He's a dear fellow also. We are so enamored of our Furry Kidz. Happy Days I'm sure you enjoy and love your furry kids to bits.

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