Sunday, February 24, 2013

Open House Sunday

Historic Tudor in Dallas
built 1932
This house is very pretty from the outside. 
I love the decorative trim on the gable of the front door overhang.
Fantastic stain glass too.
There seems to be a green color scheme going on within this home.
I'm sure it was inspired by the green tile fireplace.
Of course this room would be better without the ceiling fan.
That's an unusual archway to the dining room. 
I haven't seen shelf openings like those before.
The top shelf is open to the other room and underneath it's a regular built in bookshelf.
See, just small openings on the dining room side.
Looks like the original chandelier here.
Stain glass door...wondering if it's original to the house.
Here the green follows through with a checkered floor.
This kitchen would be spectacular with new countertops and appliances.
This breakfast bar would not have been original. 
A wall was taken out here to open the kitchen up to the breakfast nook.
I know they tear these walls out in lots of these homes to make the kitchen bigger.
Personally, I prefer the kitchen kept it's original size.
I like the separate room of a breakfast nook.
Here's the nook...
I wish we could see more of the built in buffet.
I love those. My house only has a small corner cupboard built in.
I so wish I had a big one like this.
This shot shows what I'm sure is the hallway to the backdoor. 
And it's where a staircase is to go upstairs.
A curved staircase...very unusual.
Pretty spot for a master under the eaves. 
I hate, hate, hate that staircase railing. 
It is just weird.
See how strange it is? Looks like lots of black garden hose.
This is my favorite room in the house by far!
Love love love this bathroom!
Look at all this tile!
It's so va-va-vintage!
Cute little vanity here too.
Another room under the eaves.
Back downstairs, another bedroom.
And a bedroom turned sitting room. 
I imagine this was originally an open porch. 
This room would be so pretty with furniture in it. 
These photos make me think the family is already moved out.
Big garage...for a historic house this size. 
Oh....I adore this little side porch all private and hidden.
Interesting brick path and nice pergola.

See the full listing here

Can't wait to watch The Academy Awards about you?


Stacey said...

So pretty but that stair rail!! Ick.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh that bathroom!!!!!!!! It makes up for the railing. I love the outside too.

Dewena Callis said...

Is that bathroom original? So large if it is. Beautiful. And I'm in love with that bold brick and the roof and the brick path out back.

Have fun at the Oscars!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Overall I like the house, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The architectural features are so pretty, too. I agree about the railing.....WTH? It looks like coiling would give me nightmares! Great outdoor living spaces, too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Incredible bones, and character. Dreamy Tudor stye!! Love it!

Kit said...

I agree with the rail too. Nice house tho. Love all that stained glass. Yes, excited for the Oscars. One of my fav nites of the year! Kit

Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

That's a lovely home, I agree with all of your comments, I adore the big bathroom and the kitchen. The green is gorgeous and the vintage furniture is perfect.
Enjoy the Academy Awards!

Cynthia Myers said...

This might surprise you but I LOVE this house. Especially the kitchen. I wouldn't change a thing, not even the countertops.
I'm not usually a big fan of green but I like THIS green!
I adore the staircase going up the back of the house.
Love all the brick in the back, that would be perfect for my little dog situation! Ha!
But that railing is the WORST, I agree, it reminds me of snakes and it makes me shudder.
I really enjoyed this tour today.
and Yes, I will watch the Oscars, mainly to see how the hosts does and if anything funny happens. Otherwise, I think it's kinda lame, I mean how can you pick the "Best" when one year is full of fabulous movies and another year something like "My Cousin Vinny" wins. But hey, it's fun and I always like looking at George Clooney!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE almost every house you post. I live in an ugly split level and giggled to myself wondering if someday my house would be vintage and people would be craving to live in this ugly monstrosity. :) Maybe I won't change any of the ugly, just to keep it time authentic for the generations down the road that love split-levels.

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