Sunday, February 3, 2013

Open House Sunday

A Mediterranean in Highland Park, Dallas
I'm not sure when this home was built.
At first glance I thought the 1920's.
The listing says built with the charm of the 1920's but then says it was fully remodeled in 2009 and then 
details on the house says it was built in 2003.
So I guess it was built in 2003.
But it sure looks old on the outside.
I love the white painted ceiling beams in this room.
Pretty barley twist chairs in the foreground.
The desk is another barley twist piece. More of that fabulous ceiling.
This home is shown at Christmas time. 
That's a gorgeous big tree.
Lots of fun decor and art in this home.
What do you think about that bright rug? I like it.
The rough ceiling is back in the kitchen.
It's a great big bright kitchen. 
A very pretty bedroom
Crazy wallpaper with a green cowhide rug. Love the daybed full of pillows.
Love the headboard in this room and the rug and chandelier.
Lovely white marble in the bath.
Gorgeous veranda
I'd live in this sunroom.
Oval pool out back. 

This house does say roaring twenties....does it not?

see full listing here


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Wow, what a fab house. Great style and colors here! This decor is so unusual for the park cities, which is normally so traditional with maybe a little western thrown in. Lots of great ideas -- did you see the pleating on the back of that love seat? Swoon! Love the beams too. I would love to know who the interior designer is. It's all just fab.

Dewena Callis said...

This looks like a house being photographed for AD, not one that's for sale. Makes you wonder what kind of a house they're going to next if they're willing to leave this one. So many beautiful things to look at, not your run of the mill house. I'd love to walk through it slowly but your tour is next best. I think I love the bedrooms most of all.

Anonymous said...

There is a wimmsy about their decorating; I would enjoy knowing the owner. But, the painted ceiling beams don't work for me. All those black cracks and holes, the beams might be better it they had been spray painted. The way they are now they look like they need attention. What I like best about the decor is the personality which shows through. It was not just some hired gun who bought what would look right. The comment above, "What are they leaving this for?", yes indeed, what? The house has great charm. My guess is that like a lot of people, they got caught up in the process and may have found that so rewarding they want to do it all again. Or they got divorced, who knows . . .

Loved your post.

Cynthia Myers said...

I don't know if I should even comment. I'm sure to be the lone person that doesn't care for it.
Too formal for me.
I liked 2 paintings but that's about it as far as the decor.
HATED the bear head and the dead animal skins etc.
I think with the tiled floor and painted beams it could have been more relaxed and comfortable. I prefer someplace where I can walk around barefoot and let the dogs lounge where they may. I'd be afraid to sit down in this house.
I do love the staircase and the pool. The rest is just not my cup of tea.
But I do love your Sunday house tours! Thanks so much for doing them!
xoxo - Cindi

Pondside said...

Loved the driveway, the halls in the house, the sense of spaciousness. The art left me cold - and then I realised that there isn't a single place in the house that felt truly inviting. I love the space, but not the decoration, at all.

Diane said...

Thanks for resuming Open House Sunday. I do enjoy it.
This is a house truly worthy of the 1%. The outside is deceptively authentic, the inside crisp and modern with a nod to the past. I especially like the tile choices.
If you do the math, you'd need to have an income of over $! million/year to afford it, so admire the pictures!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Andrea -
I knew you'd like this house cause I liked it!

Cindi -
I knew you wouldn't like this house except for the art.

I almost didn't show this house because of the dead animals because I am soooooo against that. So many houses in the Dallas area have dead animals in them...the concerns me.

As for the house being to formal...I didn't think it was. I thought it was pretty...a little rustic and totally livable. But I wouldn't allow my four dogs to run willy nilly through the place just like they aren't allowed to run willy nilly through my living room and dining room.

You should see the other house I was going to is a modern one that you'd like but it is full of dead animals. I might show one day because it's so bizarre.

I really liked a lot of the furniture in this house...really liked the kitchen although I thought it a little fussy but it was a little rough too...I just liked the whole house. Except I would not want the pool out back...I'd rather have a pretty garden instead.

Sonia said...

Wow that is a gorgeous home! Looks like something from the California coast! Thanks for sharing this one!
Miss Bloomers

Shanna Gilbert said...

That is a fantastic home Nita! Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia Myers said...

HaHa! Wily Nily!
Yes, that is my house! :)
Since it's sort of a shotgun house I don't really have much choice.
But... truthfully even in something bigger and more spread out, they're be everywhere. :)
You know me so well.
(I bet you even know which 2 paintings I liked!)
Yes, Please post tha Modern one sometime...I'm curious.
Truly, if I could have anything, I'm sure it would be a house out of Dwell magazine rather than AD.
But I love that we have so much in common and then there are things where we are so opposite. Life would be too boring if we all agreed on everything.
Luv ya! - Cindi

Cindy said...

That's a beautiful house, I love it. Yes, it does look like it's from the '20's, That makes it even more amazing when you realize that it's new. Someone did a fabulous job on it. But decorating and building it.

Sweet Auburn Life said...

Sure I don't care for the animal heads, hides, etc. either (very 1920's!) but take away those pieces and I think this house has some beautiful features; amazing floors, ceilings, kitchen and that stairs!

Traci Creel said...

This looks like an older home with all the modern amenities. Love that oval pool surrounded by all that brick. Yummy!

Patti Willey said...

Huge! Can you imagine trying to keep it up! The cleaning? I guess you would have staff helping with that. Wow, loved the Veranda, my favorite spot. The staircase was beautiful in Christmas trimmings!

Karen said...

Wow, this is one beautiful house! The bedroom is as big as my whole living area LOL. I think I could get used to this!

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