Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer at the Beach

I can wish...
Nope, no beach vacation for me.
But just looking at images of these beachy rooms...cools me.
It is suppose to be 107 here today.
I believe it.
Hope you are surviving the heat wherever you are.

It's so hot that even Franklin doesn't want to spend much time outside.
Oh...I just realized he's grown since this photo. His collar isn't this loose any more.
I'll have to take some new photos.

The other night I happily came in from the grocery store and emptied my bags into the fridge.
I had bought a package of tofu dogs for myself..Good Dog is the name of them
and they are very good - just as named.
Anyway, I opened the package and took one out and went in to get on the computer.
I stupidly left them on the counter. 
Although there has never been a risk of leaving anything on the counter before.
So I'm sitting at the computer and realize there is a rustling sound on the sofa.
Sally has the package from the Good Dogs!
She's licking it clean! There are no tofu dogs to be found anywhere!
It could not have been more than a few minutes.
I'd absently left my step stool near the counter when I was arranging things earlier in the day.
I guess as soon as I turned my back...Franklin went bloop, bloop...up on the stool.
Pulled down all the dogs.
I don't know if all the weenies ate them or if Franklin ate them all. 
Franklin definitely had tofu dog breath.
All I could do was laugh. He's too smart for his own good.

Now I know not to leave the stool near the kitchen counter.


Ricki Treleaven said...

What gorgeous rooms, Nita! I love them all. Thanks for sharing the Franklin story with us! He is too cute! He might want ice cream today!!! ;P

Enjoy your weekend, and stay cool!

Pondside said...

Beautiful rooms, but as we sit here in the cold and rain in the Pacific Northwest I'd want to imagine a roaring fire and a cosy quilt in one of them!

vintage girl at heart said...

my pups and kitties do the same if i leave certain items out!! silly boogers!
it is hot a heck already and my a/c has ben out for 5 days now!!!
have a great weekend and stay cool.

vintage girl at heart said...

wish i was at the beach right now those images make me miss florida!

Karen said...

Smart and cute...lethal combo there!!!

Olive said...

That Franklin. Our Shelley would have done the same. He also eats paper.

NanaDiana said...

Now if you could just teach him to chop and clean the counter while he is up there you would have it made, Nita.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of those beachy photos. I love the beach and all things that go along with it. xo Diana

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Pets are such smart little guys :) That's a cute story, but sorry about your dinner!

Adam Hazlett said...

Our girl Cher once opened the cabinet under the sink, got out her sealed duck treats package, gnawed open the bag and ate every last one. Now we store them up high in our drygoods pantry. They can be very clever sometimes.

One Crowded House said...

Beautiful pictures... the beach is my favorite place!

Cindi Myers said...

aaaah. the photos are so cool and blue. thanks I needed that.
I am freakin sick of this heat.
I'm so hot and tired. Grrr.
Love your Franklin story! I'm learning how smart dachsies are. My little Hattie wiggles into everything, but she's so cute doing it that I can't be mad.
What are tofu dogs? are they like hotdogs? and how do you cook them?
I'm just starting to use tofu and learning as I go. I want to someday stop eating chicken entirely and tofu is helping.
Stay cool if you can!
XOXO- Cindi

Bliss said...

The weenies ate the weenies! And that is funny.


Linda Hartong said...

Love this post. Great cottage ideas.
Tell Sally I admire her style

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hi Nita: I loved this post, and Weenies stealing weenies--they take advantage of good opportunities for treats like our cats do! Take care, try to stay cool, and have a wonderful weekend.