Sunday, November 6, 2011

Open House Sunday 26

Home in Nichols Hills of Oklahoma City
and a little shake, rattle and roll...
built 1950
This is a departure from the older homes I usually show but this is a very good neighborhood in 
Oklahoma City and a lovely home. And because it was built in 1950 it qualifies as vintage.

But before I show this house I have to tell you about what happened here this weekend.
I worked an estate sale this weekend with a friend. This morning everyone came into the sale asking us
if we'd felt the earthquake the night before. 
These were people that didn't live far from us...a few neighborhoods over.
No...we didn't feel anything. They said it was a 4.7.
So last night about 10:30, I'm lying on the den sofa with all the dogs and all of a sudden the whole house 
starts to rumble. Everything is shaking everywhere. It went on for at least a minute and at the very end 
of it I swear I felt my whole floor shift and come back. 
It made the dogs all start barking. These dogs who are not afraid of any storm.
When we had the big hail storm last year with golf ball sized hail. The dogs all stood at the patio doors watching it.

But this scared them. It scared me too. It scared all of us. All my friends felt it. Friends that live on the 
north side of the city. I just read online that it registered a 5.6! 
The strongest ever in Oklahoma history.

Read about it here.

I've never experienced one before and neither have any of my friends.
Wow! I have a new appreciation for all of you that live in California.

We all said that we can handle tornadoes but earthquakes scare us to death.
But in actuality it didn't do any damage and a tornado certainly would have.

Just scary.

Now on to the house.
This house has a very interesting mix of furnishings and accessories which is why I am showing it.
I love that red framed mirror and the black demi lune console shown above.
Then there is the silver tuft with the modern white table.
A very warm cozy room. I like the mantel painted grey and the antique buffet.
Another living area. I like the big chunky mantel on the stacked stone fireplace.
from another angle
I love the wall nook and the table that sets into it.
Of course I love this bath.
Very cute little girl's room. 
Baby's room is very sweet too. Oh...why didn't I have a chandelier when I was a baby?
I remember wishing for one starting at about age five.
Love those lamps and their shades on the dresser.
Master bath is nice but I don't care for that wallpaper. the black and white cushions on this set.
Yes, I could lounge here. Couldn't you?
See the listing here.

Have you ever been through an earthquake? 
Very unsettling.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Always enjoy your open houses on Sunday. Glad you survived the earthquake without any damage.

Anonymous said...

I liked the house - too bad there weren't better photos though. Oh and yes on earthquakes, I'm on the West Coast and think about them all the time (and that's why I will never decorate the walls our beds are up against...)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a beautiful the master bedroom and little girls room!!!


Kit said...

Lovely home! I love the room off of the kitchen. Yes, in Montana we get earthquakes from time to time. Had one in Helena and it felt like the floor was rolling under my feet. Very unsettling. Glad you had no damage. Kit

oldblackcatboo said...

I like the outdoor cushions.

I can't believe you had an earthquake! I'm shocked. Thank God you and your little ones are OK!
:D - Cindi

The DIY Show Off said...

I've never really experienced an earthquake...I didn't feel the recent one but my husband did (at his office). I think many years ago I felt a slight shake when there was one but nothing ever big or even worth mentioning really. I am so glad that you're okay. So scary!

The house is beautiful! The outdoor seating area is so peaceful. Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Oh wow Nita. I did feel an earth quake once in Boston, I was lying in my bed and the whole thing kind of felt like a wave motion~so weird!! How scary for you!! I like the house, but not how they decorated it! I think it had a lot of good pluses.

Linda said...

I love this house...All is so open. I love the windows with so very much natural light coming in from outside..The decore can always be changed...It is all in how you make it yours.

I live in Michigan....few to no earthquakes here.

Patti said...

Never been in an earthquake but I'm sure it'd scare the socks off me.
Lovely house here. It's been opened up, I'm sure. It was probably a big rambler to begin with.
My favorite part is the patio with the French doors. Love that. Thanks for the tour.

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Love this house and all the molding! Was in several earthquakes when I lived in the San Francisco bay area for 4 years. Nothing serious. The most damage was a picture falling and the frame breaking. Anyhoo, hope you're having a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

sharon said...

Every Sunday I look forward to seeing one of the beautiful homes you share with us. There's always something to inspire and dream that patio furniture! Thanks for taking us on the tour. Wishing you well.

Fabiana ~ Ciao! Newport Beach said...

I'm in love with that kitchen...ahhh...

Fabiana ~ Ciao! Newport Beach said...

And YES, I've been through lots of quakes here in southern California. I have some real funny stories about where I was, like once in the shower, and I had to run out and hide under a table! It's the price we pay for living here in sunny California.

I'm glad you're ok. Do you think it's scarier than a tornado?

Anonymous said...

Glad the earthquake wasn't too bad in OKC but I'm sure it was a little startling. I've never experienced one but I've always wanted to feel the earth move under my feet.......reminds me of a song! :) Jana in Texas

Olive Cooper said...

Yes, why didn't we all have chandeliers when we were babies? Glad the quake did not harm anyone, just a good freak out.

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

HI Nita,

I like this house. The girls room is so cute with those owl girls would love those.

Wasn't that earthquake something? I was literally just pulling the shirt over my head to hop in the shower and my first thought was that the washing machine was shaking way out of control and in a second I realized that it was much more than that!

Hope you're doing's the job search coming along? Been thinking of you-


TiKiMOOSE said...

Hey Nita,
Love this house!
Yes I've been through a few minor earthquakes. Once here in Vegas early in the morning the bed started shaking, it woke me up but as I was just coming to terms with what was wife yelled at me to stop shaking the bed. I said I'm not, I think it's an earthquake!! Very minor damage,
just a small crack in the drywall of a pot shelf.
And just a few months ago I was visiting my parents in Virginia Beach. Dad and I were sitting at the dining room table going over some paperwork. Suddenly the table started shaking and then gave a sudden jerk....Dad looked at me like I was being a jerk kicking the table like that....I said "If I kicked the table why is the chandelier swaying?" We just rode out a minor earthquake with no damage anywhere...Funny thing was all the neighbors headed to their porches and yelled to each other if they felt that? Whenever there is shaking why does everybody blame me?

Brianyhyu said...

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