Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open House Sunday 27

Cottage in the Woods
built 1930
This looks like a tiny cottage from the outside but inside the place seems huge.
You had me at the front porch.
Inside it quickly gets kind of rustic modern.
The inside does not match the outside.
What do you think?
I would never put that table and that bench together or that candlelier with either.
Whoa! The kitchen is really a departure and must be added on to the back of the original house.
I like the finishes....even the basket light fixture.
This looks like a totally different home...maybe an apartment.
This room and the hall look like what I'd think the house would be from the outside.
Attic conversion
The bathroom is very modern.
Basement...I think
Now we're talkin'.
Yes, this would do.
Love this flagstone patio
and water feature


An Urban Cottage said...

WOW! There are few big disconnects in decoration but I could work with it. The exterior spaces are particularly wonderful!

oldblackcatboo said...

OK, I have looked at each photo several times and this is my reaction....
I would run through this house with my arms out-stretched and my head back screaming "Whee!"
I don't care if there seems to be flaws to others, I would feel pure happiness. Dare I say, Love?
:) - Cindi

NanaDiana said...

Nita- That is just beautiful. I love the outside of it and most of the inside. I would never in a million years guess that was what the inside looked like! xo Diana

Ames said...

I think their additions have taken away from the original character of the house. Love the outdoor areas.~Ames

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I loved the outside, all cottage charming!! Its funny how some houses don't match their outsides!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog all the time. I think the house is beautiful, but it looks too "decorated" for my taste. Too impersonal. I admire people with style--who don't usually have a big budget. That's why I quit reading Trad Home--and read blogs instead! Allegra

Sallyford said...

I love the outside landscaping but I'm afraid the interior just doesn't do it for me. It looks like they can't make up their minds as to what style they're going for. Not me I'm afraid, but keep em coming, I love your open house Sundays, Sally xx

Traci said...

That is the biggest cottage I have ever seen. And I am in love with that beautiful yard. Thanks for showing it today, I always look forward to your Open House Sunday. And how are all the weenies?

Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact that this home has been 'staged', I like SOME of the inside . . . but not all. I'm with you on the dining room; not just the bench and table and chandy, but the paint finish on the walls. And, this house should not have a white fireplace. But, that said, this house has a great outside, good bones, and some decor that seems spot on. I wouldn't say no to moving in right now. - - HollyM

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