Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open House Sunday VII

In the Neighborhood
built in 1931
This home with fabulous clinker brick is in my neighborhood.
It was built the same year as my house but has had quite a few changes made over the years.
On the far right where the large window is - that would have been an open porch originally.
The landscaping is not looking too good at present. The grass probably looks bad, I would guess
because it's part shade grass and part bermuda.
My bermuda has only just the past couple of weeks started to grow.
Here are some photos of the house in years past so you can see how it looks when things are growing.
Or maybe the current owners have a brown thumb.
You can see the irregular pattern of the brick here mixed with stone and brick in a herringbone pattern.
Landscape looks full and lush in 2004. And this house may look like this again in a few weeks.
Unfortunately, the owners have already moved you just get to see an empty house.
That's a very unusual fireplace. I'm not sure its original.
It seems like the last time I was in this house, when it was on the market,
I was told that the fireplaces were brought in from Europe by a previous owner when he added on.
I love the step down to the living room. Quite a few homes in the neighborhood have this feature.
I like the way it looks but I wonder how often people trip on it.
Those curtains are way too much. And that chandelier looks new and cheap.
This is obviously not the original kitchen. I'd say it's time for a redo.
Some white paint and new countertops would make this kitchen look great very quickly.
Looks like there is a pantry. That is unusual for this neighborhood.
This is an addition on the back of the house.
Kind of a weird wall of shelves but nothing that white paint couldn't fix.
I do remember this odd space upstairs. This is the attic turned master suite.
Large bath...but it does need updating.

How about a house in Hollywood?
built 1926
I don't know what is up with all those chairs lined against the wall.
outside space is very pretty
Love all the windows in this kitchen and the subway tile that goes to the ceiling.
The art deco light fixtures are unusual although with the checkered floor and lots of metal...
it does have a diner feel about it.
Cool the faucets and the marble of course
This home costs just under 2 million and the rug in this bedroom is from Target.
I don't know really what that says...I think it might speak to how awesome Target is.
A friend of mine has this very rug in her living room. 
Get rug here.

Be back here later tonight for my link party. Party starts at 6pm Sunday.
I'll have my favorite picks from last week and you can link up your mixes from this past week.
Remember something old mixed with something new or something new mixed with something old. 
Mix It Up!

I finished my kitchen tile project and it turned out better than I expected. 
Actually, I'm over the moon about it.
See how I transformed my kitchen for $15.


An Urban Cottage said...

The house in your 'hood looked great in 2004. It looks like they took down that huge tree.

The kitchen in the Hollywood house is neat. I love unexpected light fixtures and the black and ochre seems appropriate.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

This was a fun tour today! I was in a house a lot like the first one earlier this year when I went on a holiday fund raising tour of homes. You can't beat the charm of a home like that and you are right about the white paint being able to transform those dark wood spaces.

'LUSH' said...

Thank you for feeding my addiction! LOL! I love charming homes, homes with character or history, etc!

Patti said...

Love that Sunday Open House series.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD DAY NITA! Lovely, just LOVELY!!!! Anita

oldblackcatboo said...

Yep, several gallons of white paint and I'm ready to move into the first!
Adore the second one of course, and I must say that AGAIN I am loving that diagonal tile in the kitchen! (YES, I am going to do it!)
Can't wait to see what you have done with your tile! SO EXCITING!

(Loved the Header you designed over at An Urban Cottage! BRAVO!)

24 Corners said...

I'll take number two the kitchen! First house definitely has charm though, just needs some TLC.
Thanks for the follow Nita...I can't wait to see your kitchen tile and I think white tile in any shape or form is wonderful, it's all good!
xo J~

btw- our little surrogate pup is a Doxie...Miss. Ginger! ♥

The enchanted home said...

The first house has good bones, could benefit from a great stager..or a very good imagination. The second house is great looking, very cozy, elegant, light and open. Nicely done!!

TiKiMOOSE said...
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TiKiMOOSE said...

That second house has a little Hearst Castle feel about least in that one large room. Those chairs along the wall appear to be connected, maybe like an old movie palace row of seats. That kitchen is cool, love those lights.

Nita, Nice job on Steve's header it looks great!

Cozy Little House said...

That first house does have a very odd-shaped room there. And lots of brown. I do like the hardwood floors though.

Traci said...

I loved the house tour as usual. Can't wait to see the tile fix up. Are you posting it tomorrow with the linky party? I can't wait to link up my mix.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am so happy you are posting the Open House listings every Sunday. I really look forward to it! :D

Erin said...

Gorgeous homes! And I have that rug too! Does that mean I have $2 million taste? Oh wait...yes I do! I already knew that. LOL

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