Sunday, May 22, 2011

Open House Sunday VI

Let's Look at Three Houses Today
(Built 1939)
This house is on my street and sits right on the park. It has been for sale for a long time.
I have no idea why it has not sold because its nice on the inside and sits in a very nice spot.
It was priced too high when first on the market but now is priced right.
There must be something about it that I don't know.
Only a couple of photos of the inside. I'd lighten up all the interiors...but it is very nice.
It has a great kitchen too with granite counter tops and everything although no photos 
of that in the listing. Maybe it would sell if they would show more photos of it in the listing.

This one is in my neighborhood too but its empty but I thought you might want to see anyway...
(built 1929)
Love the arched front door. The small window to the left of the fireplace is a little strange.
Personally, I prefer white woodwork but the blue paint looks good with the natural wood trim.
Unusual chandelier, I like it.
Love the upper cabinets around the sink.
The wall between the kitchen and breakfast nook has been taken out to extend the galley kitchen.
I'd rather have the breakfast nook as it would have been originally.
Wouldn't take much to make this bathroom pretty. I like the original built in medicine cabinet.
Cove ceiling in a bedroom...that's a nice feature.
I'm almost positive this is attic space made into an additional bedroom and bath. 

Let's look at one more...
this time not in my neighborhood. I just happened on this one while perusing Trulia.
(built 1925)
This house is in the Lincoln Terrace neighborhood which is near the state capitol and all state government buildings.
This is how the house appeared in 2004. I love the ivy on the walls. I think it adds character.
I do like the windows now painted out dark...but I would have not done them in brown.
Attached garage...surprising for a house this old.
Love the beams...those ceiling fans must go!
Adore the high arched window.
I would surprised if this was the original fireplace. 
The over mantel piece detracts from the beamed ceiling. 
And its not the sort of mantel that was put in a tudor house of this age. So I'm thinking it was added.
I'm wondering what that floor is made of? Wood would be much better but if this floor is marble...
I could get used to it. Which I think it might be because it seems to match the fireplace.
Strange staging...put baskets everywhere and maybe people won't notice there is no furniture.
This is an interesting area...a breezeway that seems to surround the back courtyard. 
Nice window nook and built ins. This room could be very very cozy.
I believe this is the dining room. I like the paneled walls. 
Not the wallpaper though...but I can imagine how charming this room could be.
Just paint it and get rid of the boob light - add a chandelier.
Afraid these countertops would have to go....but I like the subway tile with the black detailing 
and cabinets to the ceiling.
Ok, weird spot for the stove top. 
I'd tear out the wall ovens and this weird stove and put a beautiful freestanding range 
with hood in their place.
Terrible colors in the bedrooms but that is an easy fix. Coved ceilings a plus.
That cornice board needs to go, immediately.
Strange closet situation but I love a pink tile bathroom.
Oh...more they dress up a room! Especially, Easter baskets.
Interesting ceilings. Again...some paint and this room would be lovely.
Wow! Another very dark colored bedroom and another basket.
I like the vintage tile. I think this room could benefit from some color on the walls. 
It looks very dingy in this photo but I think it could be made to be nice with a little paint and scrubbing.
I assume this is the basement. Looks like it has issues.
This is my favorite part....I love this inside courtyard. What a fabulous space.
I'd love to fill it with planted urns and hanging baskets. 
I would be out here all the time and so would the weenies.
This backyard makes me feel sad in a good way.
With some work this yard could be a lovely secret garden.
If you look at the'll notice that it's going for $55 a square foot.
While homes in my neighborhood are selling for $140 - $155 a square foot.
Location, location, location....I'm afraid some of the other houses in the neighborhood are not kept up.
Although some of the immediate neighbors are nice enough.

The neighbor's.
There are great deals to be had in this neighborhood and it's a great location for anyone 
working in state government. 

Don't forget to come back here later Sunday night around 6pm central time for my first link party - 
Link up anything that is a mix of new and old. 
It can be as simple as something old painted with new paint.
It can be a modern piece of furniture placed in an old room. Let's just mix it up and not follow rules.
So mix the new with the old...the rustic with the sparkly...
A good example is my antique lamp that I added a new shade to.
You can link up anything that inspires you in this way. 
Just be sure to include credit of where your inspiration came from.

I want to see how you Mix It Up.

I'll be featuring my favorites.

See you then!


Renee @ where the grass is greener said...

That's hysterical about staging with baskets...really what were they thinking? Enjoyed looking through these homes and your comments!

An Urban Cottage said...

LOVE the one with the beams and the breezeway!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Those are some amazing homes! Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard...

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I always so enjoy seeing older homes on the inside! thanks!

Beach House Living said...

House #3 is divine from the beamed ceilings in the main room but it's that breezeway with the arched windows that surrounds the courtyard that I adore too. The yard looks spacious and really could be so lovely. It's a lovely find!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Nita! I cannot believe how much these homes resemble the ones in our neighborhood. Vintage homes are the way to go for style and grace! Have a beautiful Sunday! Anita

Traci said...

All three of these house are fantastic but I love the last one. All of those gorgeous arches and beautiful wood trim. Love the courtyard and could see myself and the dogs out there all the time.
Thanks for sharing these dream inspiring house.

JoAnn S. said...

lol maybe they want you to remember the BASKET HOUSE lol. Its sure a way to get attention lol
In our area NW of chicago in nice sub. houses that used to sell in two days are just sitting on the market.I dont care what Washington says the economy is not good. Love looking into peoples homes Nita,keep it up. hugs JoAnn

Cozy Little House said...

That cornice board and those oddly-placed baskets are downright weird!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I love the character of old homes but why do people slaughter them so. That purple room is over the top. All the built ins are so great though. WOuld be nice to see someone bring them back to their original beauty.

oldblackcatboo said...

The first one is nice, too bad there's not more photos.
The second one, I don't really like the fireplace next to the front door and not crazy about the kitchen (the countertops and where the wall is removed.
The third? What's hiding in those baskets (or under them?) mouse traps? and the beams are bad feng shui, love the breezeway and the enclosed patio though...
Now don't get mad but I got distracted and by the sidebar listings and found my dream home! I will be playing the lottery this week and then shortly packing up and moving to this house in your town! LOL! :) - Cindi

Anonymous said...

When will people learn that hideous colors don't sell houses.

The enchanted home said...

Don't get some of the wacky color choices...they need to go through the house and neutralize the paint job to help sell the house and appeal to a broader range of people. Love the bones of the last house, the woodworking, the beams, the floors, it has oodles of potential!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Nita, I always love your home tours! OKC has tons of wonderful homes!! xoxo Debra

Cindy said...

Hi Nita,
Those are all great old vintage houses. I especially like the last one. I have to agree with you on all of your comments, lighter colors, no ceiling fans and no baskets!:D
Hugs, Cindy

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