Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators

Tonight's the Night!
Designers; Mary McDonald, Jeffry Alan Marks, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Tonight will be the greatly anticipated premier episode of Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo.
I spent some time last night over on 
going through their portfolios and watching the videos of each designer.
Which made me even more anxious for this show.
 Rooms like this will be seen...
Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald
Jeffry Alan Marks
Jeffry Alan Marks
Jeffry Alan Marks
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner
Kathryn Ireland
Kathryn Ireland
Kathryn Ireland
Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Each designer has video up on the Bravo website giving tours of either their own homes or client homes.
I loved Martyn Lawrence Bullard's home. Not so much the way it was decorated but just seeing the 
details of this home where the likes of Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson and William Faulkner once lived.
Kathryn Ireland's place was great as well. Well, they were all worth viewing.
There is a silver walled bathroom in Mary McDonald's that was to die for.

Anyway...I'll be glued to the TV each week on Tuesday nights to watch this show. 
I hope there are no cat fights. I don't want any drama other than just decorating drama.

I'm going to be anxiously awaiting the appearance of my favorite LA Designer -
Christian May
I'm sure he'll show up at some point. (Christian, let me know which episode)

It's totally worth it going to
to view all the photos and video about the show.

Will you be watching?


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Thanks, Nita. I would love to watch this show!

d e l i g h t said...

Thanks for the reminder. I saw an ad about this and thought it sounded great. I'll be watching!

JoAnn S. said...

I have been waiting for the beginning of this show. I will be watching for sure. I love watching them work and peeks into others houses...

Modern Country Lady said...

I would if I could :-(

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Yay! I can comment now. Thanks for the heads up. Mary McDonald is just about my favorite designer!

Fabiana said...

GREAT ROOMS! I must watch. I think it's on tonight? I hope!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Oh Yes Nita! Thx for setting my tv guide for me!! I have to pick Mary McDonald's style as my favorite. I love that bathroom with the tufted antique chaise....maybe thats what my bathroom needs!!

Marie said...

I'll be watching it too Nita! I already have it set up in my TiVo. Wouldn't you just love to be one of these designers and spend millions on one project????

Carol@SofasandSage.com said...

Ah! So glad I checked in with you as I would have missed this tonight! You did the greatest job on Urban Cottage's blog header!! I love it Nita. Hope you are well, Carol

KM @ This Plate is Full said...

watched this & I think I love it!!! - listening to them talk is almost as good as watching them work!

Upscale Downhome said...

I'd never heard of the show but will definitely check it out! Thanks for bringing it to my attention; I know I will enjoy!

Cindy said...

Oh my, I love them all, they all have such great style!
Hugs, Cindy

Lorraine said...

The Mary McDonald style is my favorite. BTW... I love your kitchen!

Little Susie said...

I've your newest follower, i've been reading your blog for a while now, and decided to start a little one of my own and post now and then, so i can officially follow people and comment....i adore your style and your storybook home, saw this show coming for weeks and missed the opening episode, got 3 oj housewives to watch though..lolo...i keep hoping to find out that i series recorded it by accident! and missed it again this week....alas, too busy reading decorating blogs to remember to watch tv! lol...anyways, wanted to say hey, and i love your style! susie :)

KarenB said...

How did I miss this? I'm turning on the TV now to set my DVR! Thanks for the info.


Little Susie said...

You're such a doll! ... while usually if you watch bravo at night you can catch umpteen re-runs of so many shows but i had missed this first episode of "million dollar designers" and all week didn't see it.......but you know, since you said surely they'd show it again, i did see it last night (Friday around 2AM E.S.T.)....just wanted you to know! so THANK YOU SO MUCH!...the first one was pretty good, they show enough of the rooms to be fun and some shows get so involve with the celebrities, they forget to give you much of the designs...so far so good and it looks like a fun show...i love mary's double red doors to her office and that awesome fish wall jeff's refrigerator is inside of.......sharon's house turned out so great too....lol...thanks again susie:)

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