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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Dining Outdoors

Well, the first signs of fall hit us here in OKC the last two days and now
all of a sudden I'm in a fall mood.

I just can't do it when it's 90 - 100 outside but Friday it was 60 
and will be cool today too.

So I started thinking about lovely fall outdoor parties.
That one above is amazing! I love the layered scraps of burlap on the table.
Just a few white and green pumpkins plus white mums make a perfect
fall display. I love all of this completely. The rough farm table with lace and 
shabby candelabra and candle holders. 
This is truly piece of art come to life.
Lights strung amongst the blaze of autumn trees.

Like I said, yesterday the weather changed and I spent it curled up with the weenies.
This photo reminds me of my Franklin.
I call Franklin my little fox cause he looks like a little fox except
he has droopy long ears and he's black, tan and white spotted.
Other than that he looks like a fox.
So it's really a stretch.

Did you know that when foxes are kept in captivity, 
their ears start to droop?

Anyway, yesterday I watched hour after hour of Penny Dreadful.
It was on Showtime in the spring. I wanted to watch then but I don't have Showtime.
So I found it yesterday On Demand and yippee...a tv-athon for me!
I can't resist anything with Josh Hartnett in it.
We don't see enough of him in my opinion.
 Everyone is good in it. 

It's a perfect show for Halloween - time. 

And it happens just that fast.
Last week I couldn't imagine fall ever coming again and this 
week I'm all in the mood for pumpkin - anything!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Living

Loving Fall!
I love my little storybook tudor revival cottage....I adore it...but...
A photo like that one above makes me wish for a big white house.
I grew up in a big white house. They are the best at Christmas.
But doesn't that one look great decked out for fall?

In my opinion there just aren't enough white houses any more. 
They used to be everywhere.
I'm upset when I see them get painted brown or green.
Some classic houses are meant to be white. 
Let them my soap box...and on to more pretty fall stuff.
Jermaine did a post this week where she showed off her talents as a floral designer.
She says she is not one...but the photos tell a different story.
I'm not a fan of antlers in decor...I don't care how "IN" they are.
But her images just might make me change my mind.
I love how she coupled them with blushing pumpkins and roses.
It's a fall pumpkin fantasy at her house!
I'm not sure where this image came from originally. 
I searched and couldn't find it.
I think it might be from Savvy Southern Style or Common Ground taken 
when one of them was out and about 
but I could be wrong. Let me know, if you know.
That is the sweetest pumpkin....ever!
Just found this blog and its full of pretty little embroidered things.
Very inspiring.
This is where I want to have my Thanksgiving dinner.
If the weather holds...I will have mine out on a back patio in front of 
an outdoor fireplace.
But...with the holiday being late this may be too cold.

Oh...who can resist this? Orange and turquoise....I adore that combination.
This image makes me want to simplify my whole way of living.
Out with the painted white furniture in my house and in with the rough wood.
At least for Thanksgiving!

All these images saved in my Fall folder on Pinterest.
I've been "pining" on Pinterest of late...not to be confused with "pinning" on Pinterest.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall is in the Air

It's still very warm here but there is no doubt I'm starting to get that fall feeling.
I saw my first pumpkins in front of a supermarket the other night.
I won't be buying any till the weather cools.
I love that combo above of the sea foam blue green colored door and orange pumpkins.
What a great color combination!
Pier 1 had this great fall display last year. Just Wonderfall!
Isn't she a lovely lady of the fall leaves!
Here we go with that blue green and orange combination again.
I think that might be the prettiest granny square afghan I've ever seen.
That makes me want to get out some crochet hooks.
Summer wicker becomes the perfect spot to display an assortment of pumpkins.
Suddenly that wicker doesn't seem so summery at all.
Last year I posted this super cute Halloween wreath. At the time I didn't know
what blog it originally came from.
Jill of wrote me the other day to let me know it was her's.
I knew my readers would all like to read her tutorial
There is still lots of time to create your own Monster Wreath before Halloween.

Are you getting in the Fall Spirit?
I am slowly...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mod Mix Monday #76

Here is an interesting dining room. It's warm, modern, interesting, quirky, country, industrial.
I guess it has it all. I like the theater chairs with their velvet seats. The table is good, of course.
It looks nice but its very livable.

Now is when things get really busy...don't they?
Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's. 
Makes me look forward to mid January when things quiet down.

Last week, I had lots of people in the store shopping for Thanksgiving items and starting their Christmas too.

As usual lots of goodness in last week's Mod Mix Monday....let's review.
Betsy of Betsy Speert's Blog showed off the dining room she helped her niece created in her new home. Of course I love this buffet. I have a thing for buffets like this.
Betsy also chose and painted these chairs. She picked the wallpaper too  - rug and helped pick the table.
Her niece is a lucky girl to have an aunt like Betsy.
Jennifer of Town and Country Living celebrated All Hallow's Eve with a candlelit bubble bath.
Looks like some practical magic going on here.
Laura of Whimsical Perspectives shared some of her collections all gathered together for fall.
Leanne of The Burlap Cottage has the prettiest porch all dressed up or fall.
One Creative Couple showed off their collection of mercury glass.
They created all these pieces using spray paint. Go to their blog to read how.
They look so nice with all the fall leaves.

Link up this week's projects below.

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
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