Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sweet Valentine

 Yesterday I posted some photos of my 
Valentine decor in the living room.
I think the dogs started barking wanting to eat
and that's what distracted me.
So today a few more photos.
This is a lean year for me so I did not buy anything new.
(seems all the years are lean - I should be used to it)
 But just cause I couldn't spend a dime doesn't mean
I can't add some romance for Valentine's Day.

tissue paper garland
 I've always loved this little heart.
It only comes out for the holiday. 
 Made this wreath last week of tissue paper flowers
and left over green stems from some silk flowers
bent into a heart shape.

Much better photo than the one I posted the other day.
I always have to move the chair out of the
way to get a good shot.
 Here is the Valentine's Mantel. 
I do love pink!

 Most years I buy myself a living flower for Valentine's Day.
The last few years it's been an orchid.
Sometimes it's been daffodils to transplant in the yard.
I noticed today that those daffodils are making their appearance.
I hope your Valentine is full of loveliness.
If not from others than do it for yourself.

As RuPaul says -
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Sonia said...

Lovely decorations Nita! Love your mantel decorations. Happy Valentine's Day!

Kit said...

Looks wonderful! I just love that heart. Happy Valentine's Day! 💕 Kit

zackki said...

beautiful spring images. Create your own caricatures here:

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