Friday, October 4, 2013

Shabby Good Furniture

At the Feathered Nest Market
There is always a great selection of furniture every time I stop in at 
The Feathered Nest Market in OKC.

Find them on Facebook - here.
As usual, anything turquoise catches my eye.
I showed this piece the other day. I love how the shabby way this is painted makes the details stand out. 
More turquoise. This is a very glamorous vanity, indeed.
My friend, Jill who I was with this day loved this chair.
I do like the way they made it over.
Isn't it fun?
I thought the paint technique on this piece was interesting. 
Just a gray wash over the existing finish. 
Super easy and I do like the way it looks.
This one stopped me because of the drawer pulls.
Aren't they sweet? 
Simple white...always good.
Pretty little metal frame.
I loved this clock. I need this clock. I usually avoid clocks.
My biggest flaw is that I'm late to everything and clocks don't help...they just make me feel bad about myself.
For real...I avoid them.
Another turquoise piece. This time a buffet.
Ok, another variation on turquoise again. 
I would never look at these tables in their original finish. 
I would consider them way too gaudy but put a little aqua paint and highlighting on them
and now they are fabulous!

Mom and I are hitting up the new Homegoods today in Norman.
I am very excited that we finally have one. 
Mom just popped in the other day to make sure it was worth me making the trip.

I already knew it was worth the trip.

But she had never been in one.
She called me from the store saying,
"I'm at Homegoods! You will love it!"

I was like, "You were suppose to wait to go with me!"

She said, "Oh, I just peeked.. I just wanted to make sure it was worth your drive and it is!"

So we are going today after I get off work.

I feel so lucky that I have my Mom and her health is good.
Last year at this time she didn't feel good at all.
We are so lucky that open heart surgery last December fixed what was wrong with her
and she is back to doing all the things she loves to do.

I ran into a friend at the store the other day who is not so lucky.
Doctors told her that they feared she would die immediately on the table if they tried 
to fix what is wrong with her heart. 

Hard to believe in this day and time that nothing can be done for her.

Yes, I am so lucky that my Mom's heart was fixable.

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Melinda Hartzog said...

Love the turquoise me further pause in thinking I wouldn't paint my great grandmother's dining room furniture. The painted pieces are just so pretty! Thanks for the fun tour.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Lots of gorgeous pieces featured, but the vanity is my favorite. So pretty! I'm the opposite of you as I have clocks everywhere in our house. Many don't run anymore, but the ones that do are set at least 5 minutes ahead (by me) and it works for me. I'm usually on time.

I'm glad your mother's doing fine today. :)

donna baker said...

Nita, nice to meet you. Just found your blog. I too live in OK; on a farm in SE OK, but have a house in Tulsa too. My sister and niece et al live in Edmond, but my kids and grandbabies live in Tulsa, so I rarely get back to my birthplace. I grew up in Lawton. I will go the the Feathered Nest next time I come to OKC, though I have so much stuff, I don't need one more thing. I sold antiques for many years, but don't any more and have houses and barns full. Anyway, come visit me at my blog. Love to get to know you.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm SO HAPPY that you have your mom and that she's so healthy.
(I hope your friend has gotten a second and third opinion about her heart. I can't believe that there's nothing to be done. Like you said, in this day and age.)
That shop has so many things nice things but I don't care for the gray wash over the dark finish. It looks to me like they just didn't finish it.
But I love the green dresser with the cute pulls.
Hmmm. So you are always late?
Oh dear! you sound like my sister and it drives me crazy because I'm always on time or even early.
If you and I lived close enough to go do things together, I would lie to you and tell you to be there a half hour earlier than you need to be! LOL!
xoxo - Cindi

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Love the feathered nest. Wish I could visit more often. Did you not have a homegoods before?

Patti Willey said...

What an incredible shop this is! So many great finds! And I would not walk out without the clock! I love clocks and mine are not set to time. Did you see that fabulous bevel mirror? Ooh, we need to go back here!

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

What lovely treasures and how nice to be able to enjoy them with your mum Treasure the moment. x

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Would be fun to go shopping with you Nita...someday! When you go to HomeGoods see if they have the Happy by Design posters up! I haven't seen one yet cause I haven't had time to go to HomeGoods lately. Have fun with mom! Also saw your xmas mantle in Romantic Homes magazine, it looked beauitufl! Congrats on that!

CeCe said...

This looks like a store I would love to browse thriugh and see all the make overs. I am not a big HomeGoods person. I would rather shop antique stores and make over things myself....but the store you featured in this post looks fabulous! So fun! And YES, so glad your mom is back to feeling wonderful.

Sonia said...

Love the Feathered Nest....I just try to stay out as it's too tempting! LOL. Love all your photographs and your new header!
Miss Bloomers

Diane said...

I'm more of a farmhouse kind of girl, but I do love all the turquoise pieces you've shown. What a lovely shop to browse through!

Connie said...

So glad your Mom is doing well. A lot of your readers prayed for your Mom. She was blessed and prayers were answered.

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