Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old New House - The Winner

My new sponsor...
kindly offered up a $100 Gift Certificate to their online shop as prize 
to one of my readers.
One of my favorite things in their shop is the mini industrial cart.
Don't you have some knick knacks that need to move around on this?
I think it's so cute used as a holder for remotes or perhaps your iphone.

I so appreciate all of you who entered over the last two weeks.
Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Without further ado that winner as selected by the illustrious True Random Number Generator is....
Number 68

Ricki Treleaven

or how she is known on her blog....Ricki Jill

I love her blog...she's a very good painter too, check her out!

Congrats, Ricki Jill!!!!!

I've got another giveaway coming up right away.

Thanks to all for making this introduction to Old New House a success!


Ricki Treleaven said...

:D *squee*!!!! Thanks so much, Nita! I think that Old New House is the absolute *perfect* sponsor for your blog. I love their site!

Thanks again!
Ricki Jill

Cynthia Myers said...

Congrats Ricki!

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