Sunday, October 6, 2013

Old New House - Open House Sunday

Dallas Cottage
built 1924
Perfect little cottage to show on a gorgeous fall day!
I can just imagine this place with pumpkins scattered about, can't you?
But before I show the house....

I want to announce a change to the giveaway at Old New House!
Melissa of Old New House wrote me the other day and said,
"Let's extend the giveaway and up the prize!"

They are now giving away a $100 gift certificate to use at 
there is no need to spend any money of your own, if you win.
Isn't that more fun?

It's all because they are celebrating their Grand Opening of their free standing store on the web.
They've been selling on Etsy for several years. 
Now if you've entered already, you don't need to do a thing, you are already entered.
But you can get an additional entry by going to Old New House and registering on their site.
They will then be able to send you updates when new products are added.

They've got stuff like this....

authentic country sign
Wow! This is super great. I light up eye chart. Isnt' this cool?
Lots of handmade pillows from antique rugs. 
A little industrial is always good.

Do not enter on this post!

Go to the original post to enter.
Rules are posted with changes!

I'll announce the winner of a $100 gift certificate 
to use at Old New House.
Tuesday....October 15, 2013

Five Ways to Win

Be sure to register on Old New House and come back to my original post about them and tell me you did.

Is that confusing? I hope not too much.

back to today's house....
Yes, it needs a few pumpkins in the yard to really sell it.
Love this front side porch very much.
Living room is nice - light and bright. I'd remove that ceiling fan.
An office is always a good thing in a house. Look at all that perfect bright white trim!
Oh...I wish for the day that mine looks like this.
The dappled light in this house is wonderful.
Very nice kitchen. I wish the cabinets on the sink side went to the ceiling.
I'd change that if I bought this house. 
Gleaming stainless fridge. This one looks especially shiny.
I know some think stainless looks too cold...but I do love all that silver...but then I love silver.
The only thing this kitchen really needs you spot it?
A backsplash! A white subway tile backsplash would make this kitchen gorgeous.
To the new owners: Do this immediately!
Cute little nook.
Nice man room.
Does everyone that lives in Texas have a metal star on the wall somewhere in their house?
I think they do.
I love this bath. Yes, perhaps the toile is over the top...but I'm digging it.
Practical baby's that two cribs?
Bless their hearts. My friend KC is raising twins and it's hard.
They've opened up the attic and made it into a master suite.
The cat is probably up here hiding from the twins.
I'm loving this bathroom. Especially that mirror. 
Not crazy about the shower curtain but that is easily fixed.
Funny to see a phone on the wall in this spot, isn't it?
Nice little backyard. Nothing fancy but very pretty...wish I had that stone patio myself.
Lots of nice shade trees and big containers...I do love that.
 See the full listing here.

Sorry, I am late getting this up.
I built store fixtures on Friday at the store and it just about killed me.
I slept for 18 hours afterwards!
Well, I'd been going on very little sleep for three days and then went shopping with my Mom afterwards when I should have just gone home.

Then yesterday I went to see my friend KC's twins (I'll show photos of them soon)
Mostly cause you have to see how she dresses them.

I wish I had their clothes.

Then after that I went to Jo-Ann's and stocked up on all the stuff I need to get my 
Halloween crafting on. 

You'll be seeing that this week.

But it's hard to get anything done...if you sleep for 18 really gets you off your schedule.

See you tomorrow for Mod Mix Monday!

Don't forget to go to 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway on this post.


Cathey Ihms said...

As a Dallasite, I can confirm that we don't all have metal stars on the house. But most houses do! And I also have to say, as much as I hate the look of ceiling fans, I think I would die without them. Mine pretty much run constantly from March to October!

Such a cute house. I completely agree about it needed a backsplash though! It would make the kitchen much better!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Such a great house! Kessler Park is the prettiest area of Dallas, rolling hills and big old tress and charming homes of all types. This is priced really well too, wish I could snap it right up! I wondered if you all had Christmas out yet at work, ugh. It's everywhere -- I can't even look at it yet. I think we'll be seeing it early from every blogger though, because Thanksgiving is so late. Even I'm wondering how I will get Christmas done if I wait until Black Friday to start. Can't wait to see your Halloween crafts, you may even have me motivated to get the kitties out :) Have lots to catch up on with you, we'll have to chat one day!
xoxo, Andrea

vintage girl at heart said...

Love that home!! I think that is a changing table and not an extra crib?? But who knows I cannot tell for sure. I love the house it is in great shape too!
I can't wait to see pics of your friends twins!
How was Home Goods?? I live right around the corner and haven't been yet! Loved to shop there when I lived on the east coast.
18 hours.. that sounds so good esp with this cooler weather.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I was so hoping that house was in OKC! Not that I could move back anytime soon, but it is an awesome house.


Oh I'd buy it even if it has no's gorgeopus! Now this house is my cuppa tea, awesome! Have a nice week dear Nita.

Kassie said...

The comment about the metal star made me laugh. I'm from Texas and I will most likely never have one, but it seems like everyone does!

Also, I have 13 month old twins, and yes, they are hard, but wonderful! :)

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Isn't it funny how there are no books in any of the numerous built-in shelves in the house?

Karena Albert said...

Nita this yay U nanrt, frr

Kim said...

Love the house but I love your header for Halloween more! What software do you use to create your headers? Or are you just that good!!

Julie S. said...

What a cute house! Next I'm going to check the full listing so I can see if it's anywhere near me. And, yes, almost all Texans seem to have a star somewhere in or outside of their house -- lol! Thanks for sharing the home tour. :)

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