Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Decor in Store

Let the Haunting Begin!
I recently made a trip to
Lots of Halloween going on there.
A trip around The Feathered Nest got me in the mood for Halloween.

I'll be back tomorrow with photos of furniture and other items in the shop.
But today, I just wanted to do an all Halloween post.

Now here is a question for you...
I adore a chippy white finish on furniture.
This is one of the pieces at Feathered Nest right now.

Oh...yes that chippy white finish is sooo good.
Why, oh why, is it so bad on windows?
Do you think I could start a fashion of having chippy windows?

I'm still cleaning up these windows...before I can paint anything.

Thanks for all of your suggestions the other day on what to do.

I was told by several that a paint gun was the way to go.

I'm a little hesitant though because one of my neighbors caught his house on fire with one!
What was suppose to be a little do it yourself turned into a complete 
upstairs do over because of a house fire started by the heat gun. 

I've been busy this week unloading and opening Christmas stuff for the store.
I'm so NOT into Christmas. 
Actually, I'm feeling holiday decorating burn out already and it hasn't even begun.

I'm working on a Halloween craft or rather trying to come up with some Halloween craft
that hasn't been done before.

That is pretty hard to do considering anything new gets passed around on Pinterest 
at lightening fast speed. 

Also all the stuff in the stores (like Hobby Lobby) are copies of stuff that bloggers have created.
Burlap and velvet pumpkins are everywhere in the stores this year.
Mass produced.

Everywhere I turn I'm seeing blogger's ideas ripped off.

I don't mind creating something and having other bloggers copy and make their own version
but it's another thing to see large corporations ripping off our ideas.

What do you think?

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Heather said...

Halloween is my favorite decorating holiday--our decorations have been up for a week already. I love the winking owl in your post. I really like Pinterest for new ideas, but I agree that it seems like everyone ends up with things that look the same. It would be hard to be recognized for an original idea these days because, like you said, the really great things spread like wildfire (or paint-gun fires). For your craft project, what about something along the lines of el Dia de los Muertos? It's becoming more popular, but still not so common as to find it everywhere. That, or something with a vintage Halloween feel (for those of us who don't want everything to be animated or color-changing LED).

the cape on the corner said...

oh boy, don't show me all those wonderful vintage looking Halloween decorations!

I think you are totally right about things that have been done on blogs now being in stores. I guess if something is good, everyone wants it.

Cindi Myers said...

Some days I want a little shop of my own. So that I can decorate it all cute and funky...but I don't want to sit in the shop and sounds too much like retail to me. LOL!
But this post makes me want a shop again. So many fun things!
I agree. There are no original ideas but the same thing twisted this way and that and if by some miracle anyone does get an original thought,'s original for like a week and then the whole world is doing it.
I agree with Heather, I'm getting more into the whole Day of the Dead than the commercial Halloween anymore. I love the thought of spirits returning to visit for a day in celebration. Yep, I myself am leaning towards THAT.
I am excited though to see what YOU come up with. It's always cool and true to you.
XOXO - Cindi

Adam Hazlett said...

What a wonderful selection of Halloween goodness! I know how you feel about Pier 1 getting the Christmas stuff so early and that glitter gets on everything and stays for the next 6 months! Grandin Road
is notorious for selling ripped off copies bloggers Halloween creations, Just ask Pumpkin Rot. Glad you are in a Halloween mood this year, I'll be decorating this weekend!!!!

Adam Hazlett said...

I just noticed! The Feathered Nest has the same haunted house that you use in your Halloween header! Were you tempted to buy it?

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

We're going to be dealing with the same thing on the trim in our master bedroom. For some reason the paint is chipping away in that room. I don't know if whoever painted it used a different paint in that room or just didn't prep it correctly, but it's a mess.

We just hung our old wood shutters back on our house after many, many hours of removing chipping paint and restaining them. I found myself wishing we lived in the French countryside where chippy old shutters are a thing of beauty. :)

CeCe said...

Maybe you should live with the chippy trim for a while and see if it grows on you! Maybe you could have a fire extinguisher handy while using the heat gun?
I, for one, do not like Halloween. I know it is the second largeest sale holdiay for retailers so there are not many out there like me. Much prefer Thanksgiving and Christmas. I actually wish Thanksgiving was at Halloween time so there would be more time inbetween my more favorite holidays!
I don't know how I feel about retailers mass creating bloggers ideas. Seems it is just the way of the world now with new tecnology. Would be great if the original creator got paid for his/her creativity but that would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I think it is simply part of progress...maybe not nice progress...but progress.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I'm pretty sure that it would be really difficult to find the originators of ideas - for every person there is making something "new" there are 10,000 who were doing it 35 years ago! I remember helping my mother make countless burlap wreaths for Christmas gifts when I was a little girl. Then I turned around and made the same wreaths for myself 20 years later. That was 20 years ago and now everyone is making burlap wreaths - for all occasions.
And in case you care - I don't know if I hate Halloween decorations or just hates seeing 2 months of them on blogs...I wish that there was a blog ruler that would only allow 2 weeks of attention each to Halloween, Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day. Christmas, Thanksgiving and July could have 4 weeks!