Sunday, October 20, 2013

Open House Sunday

Prairie Style Home in Dallas
 built 1913
Great curb appeal.
Really like their historic sign.
Lovely light colors in this big home.
I love the colors in this house.
The woodwork is exceptional.

Love all the panels and columns

I'm not crazy about the black chairs and I'd paint that table white.
Adore the big transoms above the doorways.

I really like the rug in here. It adds to the casual elegance of this room.
What do you think of the window treatments?
I like them though they seem a little casual for this room.
I can imagine long nubby linen drapes instead.

I'm sure this room is an addition. Its on the back of the house.

Wonderful light filled space. With all those windows, it's greenhouse like.
I do think that there are too many spindles going on here. 
Not sure what should have been done instead
but that's just a lot of resembles a porch which is pretty but kind of weird inside. 
What do you think?
I wonder if someone really sits here and plays the piano.

That's a pretty little chandelier above.

Pretty little spot to sit and read. This is a big house!
Very nice office. I love that desk. If this were my home...I'd go ahead and paint out the wood white. 
Just cause this room seems like it doesn't go with the rest of the house like this.
I'd be happy watching tv here.
I'm not crazy about this bathroom. It's very nice and I usually like toile but this isn't working for me.
A fireplace in the master is always good.
Now we're shakin'. I really love these cabinets.
Love this whole kitchen. But of course I would, It's similar to my own...all white and black.
I love how tall the cabinets are. I wish my own were tall...They will be one day.

Upstairs sitting area. There seem to be too may places to be in this house.
Is that possible? 
A dining room upstairs? I think a bit odd.

It almost feels like a hotel...there are so many places to be.
Here a bar to enjoy your favorite drink.
Wonderful backyard that includes sports equipment. Here a soccer net...a water basketball hoop.

There is also an entire basketball court! Boys must live here.
Backside view of the house shows off the huge addition on back.
I kind of feel like that addition is just too much. 
It's a gorgeous home for sure but who really needs a two story atrium on the back?
It's a lot of wasted space. It looks to me like a museum from the outside and I can just imagine 
a huge dinosaur bone exhibit inside. Like a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton should be looming through those windows.
Or there should be massive plants and trees inside like a botanical garden.

I know I'm being mean...and picky. It just seems too much.

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vintage girl at heart said...

the paint colors are so soothing. love the open ness and all of the light too. cannot imagine cleaning that much space but what a pretty home. do you ever wonder what these homes would look like with our stuff in them?? our fur babies and old furniture and diy projects??
enjoy this cool crisp sunny weather!

Debra Oliver said...

good grief, this is beyond fabulous!!


This house is gorgeous, I love it all and every room! Beautiful grounds too. Thanks for sharing Nita.

Shannon Fox said...

It's gorgeous... but yes. I get the "too much" vibe as well. I think I've changed my way of thinking and taste. While it's really fabulous. How much do we need? I'd feel guilty to have that much. Plus of course I could not even afford the maintenance, or the property taxes I'm sure. lol!

Cynthia Myers said...

While I love the front exterior, I had hoped for more color and warmth inside.
I know, kinda strange coming from me who loves White so much but I'm kinda over the whole perfect decor thing.
This place is too much, just as you said.
I've grown very tired of the Jones trying to top the other Jones thing.
I wonder how many people live in that house. Just too much.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I'm with you on everything you said. But in this part of town, it's all about more more more. A friend of mine who designs for those huge homes said "what do you do after 10,00 square feet? Bowling?!!" Funny thing is, those people are NEVER home, and certainly don't cook, or probably even entertain! Maybe once a year for a lavish holiday party that's completely catered with dozens of servants. I love most of the decor but this house needs a lot more fabric to warm those rooms up! And out with those spindles, geez.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Maurie said that room with the railing looks like a river boat :)

Traci Creel said...

Oh, I am so glad we are being mean and picky tonight because I hate all the cow hide rugs. I have to agree that this house has too many rooms. I would never be able to find my family and it would be like running a marathon if you had to run downstairs to answer the door. I wonder if the spindles are where the original porch was?

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You had me at prairire! I love the house, but the room with the high ceiling and windows isn't cosy enough for me! I'm being picky too!

Anonymous said...

All this and only 2.5 bathrooms? Let's see, one for the master, one for one more Bedroom, and half for the powder room for guests, but none for the servants?

An "all hat, no cattle", trophy house, IMO. Most uncomfortable looking to me.

But then, its asking price is way out of my range....lucky me.....

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