Sunday, June 2, 2013

Open House Sunday

built 1935
This home came up for sale last week in my neighborhood.
But I think it may already have sold or at least the sale is pending.
Houses are selling fast these days in my neighborhood.
I've long admired this home but never been inside.
I love the trio of arched windows.
I wish my own cottage had them.
I added large cement urns to my front pedestals after seeing these on this house.
Although mine are larger.
Love that it has a door with a speakeasy. 
Very unusual arched ceiling. This is the first one I've seen like this.
But...those curtains are terrible. They detract from what is great about this room.
The windows and the ceiling. I'd love to see this room without them.
I like that big tufted ottoman. I'm surprised to see there is a wood mantel in this house instead
of the usual art tile fireplace you see in these houses.
Again, the unusual arch shape carries through to the dining room.
Love those arches...oh...those curtains are so distracting.
The kitchen has been redone. It's nice but I like a kitchen that looks more vintage.
Not crazy about the floors...hardwood would be better.
Take some of those cabinet doors off too and it would make the kitchen more interesting.
Obviously the wall came down between the kitchen and the breakfast nook.
Cute little banquet.
Soothing bedroom
And a den
This is a great spot to watch tv and enjoy a fire.
The hall has a rounded corner on one wall. I love those.
Enclosed sunroom on the back of the house. dogs would have a good time out here and I'd have a good time decorating it.
Obviously it is not being used at its full potential here.
A unusual garage with what looks to be a little apartment or at least storage.

I have a couple of people that read this blog that have asked me to 
email them when a good house comes up for sale in my neighborhood.
I emailed both when this one came up but did not hear back from either.

I wonder if anyone I know snapped this baby up.

Here's the full listing.


Little Cottage on the Pond said...

You are so right about those curtains! It looks like something out of a funeral home. (bless their hearts!) I do love the banquet in the kitchen, but hardwood floors and some open shelving would have cottaged that room right up!

Melissa said...

It's lovely, but I agree, the curtains are messing up it's charm a bit. And the kitchen totally would benefit from the cabinets being opened up a bit.
I love those story book houses...

Cynthia Myers said...

Nice house but very blah decorating.
I agree, hate those curtains and don't care for the sofa blocking so much of the archway.
Very boring but with lighter/brighter colors and nice furniture I'm sure it could be very nice.
Yes, I adore that sunroom much potential.
Love the exterior of the home.

sharon smith said...

I agree, that enclosed patio would be really fun to decorate!
The dogs would enjoy too.

Heidi said...

Adorable house, but the decorating makes me think a (non-creative) guy lived here by himself, or maybe it was a few guys (not college kids obviously, but a few bachelors or divorced brothers or something). The curtains were probably left behind by whomever lived there before them. Very blah, "big box store"-style. Could definitely use a creative gal (or guy's) touch! :)

Art and Sand said...

The house has beautiful bones and lovely details, but I wanted to rush in and redo the decor. I know for quick sales you are supposed to remove the personal touches so people can picture themselves in the house, but the decor is just boring. It would be fun to decorate. said...

Lots of potential...we could stage that baby in a day & make it fabulous! Thanks for the "tire kicker" tour!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This cottage has great bones, and I love the little architectural details. I bet your weenie babies would love a giant ottoman like that one....they could all fit on it!


Gwen said...

Great architecture. Liked the kitchen update. If you have children and/or pets tile floors can't be beat!

Cindy said...

That is a very sweet house, Nita, I think people think that if they have dark brown couches, leather or otherwise, they need to have dark window coverings. I have seen it in several of my friends houses and I HATE it and I want so badly to tell them how wrong it looks. But I bite my lip because most women think they know what they're doing. And I'm not a professional anyway.
Have a wonderful week!

Karen LaPorte said...

It's an adorable house! Not surprised it sold so fast!

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