Thursday, December 27, 2012

When it Snows

It's a Blizzard
A blizzard of problems.

Today is my Mom's surgery...but I came home at midnight last night to find 
the above on my back deck.

This is not a photo of him...but he looks exactly like this.
I don't have time to take a photo.

I am posting this in hopes that someone in my neighborhood reads this blog and 
claims him.

I'm sure he is someones dog but no tag.
He is fat and healthy and has soft feet.
I'm sure he went out last night to use the bathroom and got lost.

My dogs all ran outside last night and circled around him.
It was dark.
I thought they had another opossum cornered. 
I turned on the light but still could not see in to the corner well to see what they had surrounded.

He started to move towards me...he's grey and at first I thought he was a giant rat.
Then a cat...but then I's a dog.
A weird little dog almost frozen to death.

I scooped him up and wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the bathroom.
Baby gated in.

Harvey was fascinated by him.
He barked for at least two hours at him.

But finally, all settled down to sleep with me and left him to slumber in the bathroom
wrapped up in several blankets.

Today, I am taking him to my vet to board because I just cannot 
leave him here with my dogs...since they barely know each other.

It would probably be ok...but too big a risk considering
how busy I will be.

I know someone is crying over him.
He is very sweet and used to being held a lot.

I'll take him to my vet to board and when Mom is doing ok...I'll search for his owners.
I did post on some pet sites and Craigslist last night.
I'll call the paper and run a Classified too.

I felt like I couldn't handle another thing right now...but that is the way things go.
There is always something else.

This would be no big deal if my Mom weren't having surgery.


Debby said...

God knows that you would take care of this poor baby. But made me smile when you said you thought he was a rat. Oh my. That could have been scarey. So cute that he went right to you. Funny he got barked at for two hours. Not so funny for your ears. I hope you find his mommy. Good luck today. I just said a prayer for you and your mom. Take care of yourself during this time.

Ivy Lane said...

God will only give you what you can handle. Perhaps this dog adventure is in play for a bit of distraction to help keep your mind on other things. Prayers to your Mom and to you for healing and strength. You're doing a wonderful thing helping your Mom and that sweet little pup! Forge on!!!!

An Urban Cottage said...

Hope everything goes smoothly for your mom.

Melissa Bishop said...

Praying your mom's surgery goes well & that the little guy's family finds him soon.

Cynthia Myers said...

I've been thinking about you all morning. Sending positive thoughts and prayers out for your mom.
That "weird" little dog looks exactly like my Twinkle. She's all grey but her muzzle has started to turn white. I know that I'd be insane if she ever got lost. I'm sure someone is frantically looking for her. You are the sweetest, to board her rather than turn her into a terrifying "pound".
XOXO - Cindi

Alisha O. said...

blizzard indeed! tulsa got *zero* snow btw. good for you for taking care of him the best you can! his owners will be so grateful. hope your mom's surgery goes well.

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

You and your mom are in my prayers. You have the gift of giving. God keeps sending you people and animals that need your help.

NanaDiana said...

Praying for your Mom's surgery and I am praying the dog's owners found him. He was put in YOUR path because someone knew that you would take care of him. xo Diana

Belinda said...

Thinking about your and your mom today - let us know how everything goes if you get a chance.

That poor puppy - getting lost and being surrounded by a gang of weenies! :) I'm amazed that you had the presence of mind to do all that you did for him! Hope his family finds him soon!

Take care!

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

you are doing a great thing by helping that little doggie out.... too bad you don't live in oklahoma I would help you out w/ him.

Dewena Callis said...

I have prayed for your mother's surgery and for strength for you. I am so glad this sweet little dog found you, even though it was the last thing you needed. Bless you for watching out for the little one.

Connie said...

Lifting your mother and you in prayer.You have a kind and caring heart for all things great and small. God bless.

Diane said...

So sweet of you to take care of that dog and board him at your vets. That little dog is so lucky he ended up in your yard. You have so much on your plate right now I can't imagine what else could happen. I really enjoy your blog and sending best wishes that all goes well with your mom's surgery.

Joanne said...

Bless you for taking in the little lost dog. He is so lucky to have wandered into your yard. Wishing your mom a speedy recovery.

Jane said...

With all of the kind things you do for others I'm sure your home glows with good karma! Not surprising lost creatures find you.

vintage girl at heart said...

oh how sweet but you are right now is not the time for sweet critters to land in your yard!
prayers that your Mom is resting by now and good luck with the pups yours hers and this one!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Thank goodness he found you to take care of him. Hopefully all is well, your mom is recovering and you are resting.

sheri said...

God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is on my top sites on my imac so i check in on you every day or so. I have never commented on a blog before but I have to say I love reading yours because you are the most real person of all the bloggers I read. Thank you for sharing all sides of life such as disappointments, Walmart trips and saying "You make me glad I don't have a husband". I laughed out loud. It is your ability to get back up from the hard things and still see the beauty in people as well as things that inspires me. Oh and I would gladly take your majolica should you tire of it. !

Sharon in Chicago said...

Nita -- was just thinking of your mom and hoping her surgery went well. Take care of yourself, dear lady, as you take care of everyone (2 and 4 footed) else.

S said...

God sent him to you so he would else would a dog this small and needing help get it on a cold and snowy have a good heart:0)

Tricia said...

You have such a big heart....I'm sure he was sent your way for a reason ; o ) Good luck today and healing thoughts for your mom.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

You saved his life! He might have frozen to death out there and the weenies saved him! One more story for the book you will write one day! Good luck to mom today and to you too of course. I am sure she will come through just fine and then you will have many fun stories to write about while she gets well at your house with her collection of dogs....hopefully the little dog will have been microchipped and the owners will be found.

Anonymous said...

That was one lucky little doggie that he happened upon your home! Life does have a way of tossing many things at us at the same time. Odd how that happens. Almost a reminder that we're still needed.

Prayers for you and your mom.

Anonymous said...

You and your family [including all the dogs] are in my thoughts and prayers.


Denise said...

Aahhh....poor little guy. He certainly choose the right house to take refuge! Be careful when you look for his owners. Apparently, it's become a common thing for bad people to claim animals such as this are theirs and then use them for bait in dog fights. How horrible! Heather thinks she ran into a potential situation like this about a year ago with a pup she had found (we're big rescuers) fortunately she kept asking questions and insisting on pictures and was able to put 2 and 2 together before it was too late. My very very best to your mother. I've been thinking about her! And you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and for your Mom's surgery this morning. Thank you for sharing your blog. You are a blessing.

sheri said...

Nita, I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear an update on all fronts. I hope your Mom sailed through the surgery and is resting comfortably. I hope she will be home all comfy and cozy with you and all the furbabies very soon. And I hope the little guy you brought in from the cold has found or will shortly find the folks who love him so.
take care,

The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Hi Nita,

I just finished reading the post about your mom and how well she's doing and saw something about a dog and things going on. While I am so pleased that your mom is doing well, I was interested about the I moved on to this post.

Awwwww, what a cutie he must be.

Have you tried contacting Home Again? All 3 of our dogs are registered through Home Again, and are micro-chipped, so if they get lost...we could be reunited if some lovely person such as yourself should find them.

Here's the info for Home just might work!!

Call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242) for LOST or FOUND pets. Our Lost Pet Specialists are available 24/7.

Jan ♥

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

let me know if you can't find a home for him....I'm in Tulsa and love love love chi chi's :)

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