Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding Christmas

In my Garage!
Oh...I love these stockings!
Not mine...but I found some in my bins of stuff just as good. 
Because, last night I got brave and did something I've put off for years.

I ventured into my garage which can be a scary place since there is no light and it 
gets darker and darker the further back you go.
Back at the back was a stack of storage bins full of my OLD Christmas stuff.
Things I have not seen in almost ten years.
I kept putting off looking in them.
Too many memories.
My things hold the memories of everything that happened when I got them or when I used them.
The last time I'd seen these Dad had been to my house for Christmas.
I thought I was going to have years and years with him.
The next Christmas he was gone...and I couldn't bare to open those boxes
and see those things full of hope.
I started over from scratch collecting different things after that.

But this year....I remembered decorations in there that I thought would be nice 
to add to my current stuff and I guess that means I am moving forward.
Because I was able to look at them.

Still memories flooded me as I opened those boxes and found items
that immediately brought back to mind where I was in my life and my hopes and dreams at 
the time I'd bought them.

I'm really trying to live in the present these days and not think back. 


I have been lacking in posts this week because my Mom has been going in for some tests
and looks like she'll be having open heart surgery soon.

Another test next Monday and then we'll know more about when it will be.

My dearest cousin Shelly asked me once why so many people we knew were having health 
problems and giving us such pain.
(She herself fighting a losing battle with cancer at the time)

I told her it was because we had so many people in our lives.
We cared about so many...that was why we had so many making us sad.

People who don't have many to worry about...don't have many people in their lives. I reasoned.

My Mom is a very strong very good health except for a heart valve that has quit functioning

Doctor says it genetic...and been headed that way her whole life.
Says I should get checked for it too...I will....but too much going on right now.

We are not worrying. We are just taking care of business.
Making plans for what we'll do during her recovery.
She'll move in with me.
And also making plans for when its all done and she feels herself again.

Right now...I'm on my way to take a purple tinsel tree to my Aunt Jane.
(Shelly's Mom)
It looks something like this but's shaped like a feather tree and is 4 feet tall.

I don't know that she wants a purple tinsel tree but I've got one.
And so she is getting it. I figure she needs a little Christmas and it needs to be totally different than 
anything she's had in the past since we lost Shelly last year at this time.
I found it in my garage.
I'd ordered pink and purple came instead one year.
The pink one is here in my house.

Last week I helped my friend, Deidra with her purple tree.
I had hoped to go over and take photos but that didn't happen with Mom and all.

Several years ago, I was with her when she bought a tree much like this...but taller...5 feet.
She's from New Orleans so she loved that it was purple.
She put all kinds of ornaments on it and threw mardi gras beads all over it.
The next year she moved.
When I walked into her new place at Christmas...the tree was up...
but it was missing the whole top section!

It was completely decorated but was flat on top.
I exclaimed, "Where's the rest of your tree?"

She said..."Oh..I knew you'd say something. Only you would notice part of it is missing."

"No", I said, "Everyone is going to notice the top half of your tree is gone. 
It's not a Christmas tree anymore. It's a Christmas bush."

She was getting ready to have a Christmas party and her family in town for Christmas so 
I stressed we either needed to find the top or go get a new one.
She claimed the top had been lost in the move.

She said she absolutely was not going to do anything about it.
It looked fine.

Well, a week later when her sister came to visit, she walked in the front door and the first thing she said was,
"Where is the top of your tree!"

Deidra said..."Oh....Nita said you'd notice."

Her sister, Toni said...."Well of course I noticed. One third of it is missing."

So two years later, last week, I'm at Deidra's and she is saying she is going to put up the tree.
I ask if she found the top.
She says she did but now has forgotten where it is again.

I say..."Ok, we are going to go get a new one....I am not looking at that thing again."

She refuses.
Then I say..."Ok, how about we buy a small tree and stick that in to be the top."
She likes that idea.

So after a few stops around town we go to Big Lots and find the perfect small purple tinsel tree
to stick in and fix her tree. It was only $16!
Only problem was a little lighter in color and a little more pink....but still purple.

We brought it home...I stuck it in and we decorated and 
her tree is now 6 feet tall...and is an ombré tree. It goes from light purple to dark.
I announced this very excitedly.
She said..."Whatever that means."

She did admit it looked much better than the topless version.
She called her sister Toni to tell her how great it looked.
She told Toni..."Nita says it's an ombré tree...whatever that is."

Toni exclaimed..."How Chic!"

Deidra said, "Of course she knew what you were talking about. No one else would."

But I know all of you will know and explained as such to her.

And that is the end of that story.

Ok....I'm off to run to my Aunt's.

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Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

You are truly blessed with many friends! Always love your funny stories. The last photo is magical.

Jane said...

I can relate to your Aunt. In one 3-year period I moved 5 times and collected 3 additional trees because with all of the moving I could never find all the parts of a single tree so I bought a replacement. I am now settled and have donated 3 of the trees to Goodwill and have the original (with all parts) up in the living room. But if I move again no matter how large a box I need, ALL the parts of the tree are going in a single box.

Debby said...

You have the spirit this year. I hope things go well with your mother. My dad had open heart surgery - 7 bypasses on Christmas Eve. Day. That was a Christmas to remember.
Every time I read about your cousin, I think of mine. It was two years ago I saw her and still miss her so much. I think you are right about caring about so many people.

Darlene said...

I've been wanting a lavendar tree. I tried to find one online and couldn't find one so my aunt just happened to have on she bought at a yard sale for 2.00 dollars. I asked her one day if she ever wants to get rid of it could I be first on the list and she said I could have it. Though I might get it after Christmas I'm just happy I'm getting one. I told her I feel like the grinch who stole the lavender tree. lol. Found some lavender bulbs also at a yardsale just the other day. Take care, Darlene

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Laughing so hard here! You and your crazy friends are just hilarious. What a blessing to have so many fun people in your life, but it's your fun, fun attitude that takes the cake honey! We'll be keeping your sweet momma in our thoughts and prayers, and I'm sure you two will have a few adventures while she's staying with you :)
xo, Andrea
p.s. I still don't have my decorating done either. I shouldn't even be on the internet right now! But how perfect because I really needed a good laugh.

Pam @ Frippery said...

At the beginning you had me in tears, by the end I was laughing! Prayers for your mom. I am sure things will go well. Take care of yourself too Nita.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

It is hard losing loved ones but the memories we will have until we join them. Love the purple trees.
May all go well with your mother and may she have a speedy recovery.
Happy pink!

Donna said...

I too have things that haven't seen the light of day because of the memories attached. Maybe I should be brave like you and move on...maybe soon.
Love the purple tinsel tree and as always...I leave here thinking and often times with a smile~thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend

Marti McClure said...

Boy I wish I had finds like that in my garage! Best of luck with your mother's health. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Holidays too! ~Marti

xinex said...

Sorry for having a lot of loved ones being sick. Hope your mom recovers pretty fast with no complications. I love your pink decor and I really love the cute stockings....Christine

An Urban Cottage said...

Where is your tree? When are you putting your tree up? What's your tree going to look like? When will we get to see it? What color is your tree? Are you working on your tree? We can't wait to see your tree!
I'm kidding. That's what I feel like my past two weekshave been like.
No, really, how's your tree coming? :)

vintage girl at heart said...

love your stories! they always make me smile. you really should write a book. i tell everyone that is funny that and i may have told you that before too :).
prayers for your mama's surgery to go smoothly.
get checked out yourself..don't put it off if it is genetic.
(I am bossy huh)

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

Everyone needs a purple tree at least once in their life. Love this post!

The enchanted home said... the start of your post, I felt your pain and struggle losing someone you love so much is so devastating. I could so relate to how you spoke of all those things in your garage representing the memories you had and how real they become when you remember what you were doing, where you were,etc......give you credit for the courage and strength it took to face that. That is a HUGE step.

You had me laughing at the end.....the tales of the purple tree. I really hope things go well with your mom, will keep her in my prayers. Sending a smile and sunshine your way. Happy holidays.

Cynthia Myers said...

First, I'm sending positve and healing thoughts out to your Mom. I believe in my heart that her surgery will go well and I want you to go get your health checked too! As you said, some people have fewer people and that would be me and since YOU are one of my people, please take care of your health! xoxo
I have a box of Christmas stuff in the basement too and to be honest after reading this...maybe I will just donate it all to Goodwill and send my bad/sad memories off to be good ones for someone else.
I love the story of the top of the tree being gone, reminds me of one of my friends who slaps things together and leaves the rest of us shaking our heads wondering what the original plan might have been! Ha! ha!
Can't hardly wait to see what you come up with this year, you always make everything so pretty and so "Nita".
You're Fabulous.

"Create Beauty" said...

Oh Nita,
You have been a Sugar Plum Fairy to so many this year, decorating others homes for Christmas!!! What a good friend, those who know you must be so blessed!!!

As for a purple tree, I loved your story. I need to take some photos to post about my little purple tinsel tree... which among other purple decor is proclaiming purple Christmas joy in the back of my lavender Volkswagon Beetle : )
(why yes, I did decorate my car for Christmas.... doesn't everyone?
Te-heeeeee!!!! )

Stop by a bit later today to see some photos of the hounds in front of our tree.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for sharing your stories today.
~ Violet

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love your stockings!

My PINK Candelabra
Hope you'd come and see. Have a blessed Sunday!

tearinguphouses said...

i hope things go well for your mother... sending healthy wishes your way!

(love the purple tree story!)

pogonip said...

Sending good thoughts for health, healing and happiness. My fingers are crossed for good results with your mom!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Well.....I think I could stand the scary garage and go "shopping" there, Nita! I want to see photos of your aunt's tree. You are such a sweet and thoughtful niece!

Please keep us posted about your mom. I will pray for her.

I love the thought of an ombre tree!!! :D


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