Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pretty House

Pretty Day
I've always loved the image above.
This whole house is full of great ideas.
Beautifully styled
Antique with a little industrial mixed in.
Very cute chandelier ceiling ornamentation medallion thingy made from sheet music and a frame.
Vintage bathroom, of course I like.
Chalkboards, urns and can't go wrong.
Precious simple kitchen.
Lockers in the kitchen for storage.
And an outside area covered in burlap. That is interesting.

All photos from

It's a gorgeous day here. 
Finally the weather has changed for the better.
It makes me so melancholy though....knowing these beautiful days will end when cold 
weather blusters in.
But for now...we will have a solid two months of great weather...perhaps even three.

I got my new water heater installed. yippee!
It was lucky I noticed it leaking before it got bad for once we pulled it out, 
you could see the whole bottom was rusted out.

Both Franklin and Violet were very interested in helping the plumber with the install.
Especially Violet. She just wanted to kiss him all over.
I spent the day juggling dogs.
I'm a great dog juggler. The plumber needs in here...."wait a minute....let me put them all out".
The plumber needs in the backyard..."wait a minute let me rustle them all back in".
The plumber is coming back in....."Let me try to get them back out again".
That is how the day went.

I couldn't put them in one room and shut the door because they would have tried to tear the door down and would have barked constantly.

After a few hours....Harvey and Franklin were very happy to sit and watch all the proceedings through the baby gate.
Violet still wanted to help and Sally stayed hid under the bed during the whole ordeal.

I'm so glad that is over.

Pier 1 just got in these industrial style bar stools. They come in counter height too.
I'm thinking one would be nice in my kitchen.
They are painted a distressed black.
I wish they came in plain silver metal.
But they are a very nice size. Might get one...eventually.

Have a Great Soon to be Fall Day!


stefanie said...

oh, I love all those photos!!!!

Lisa said...

Had to laugh at the dog shuffle because I do it as well. Having an addition put on our house and my dog has FINALLY given up on barking at them. I also have the added bonus of her peeing when anyone looks at her and says hello. Guest are met with the mantra "don't make eye contact!"

Traci said...

I am looking forward to the nice weather of these next few month. Fall is my favorite time of year.
If your plumber isas cute as mine I don't blame Violet for trying to kiss him.
Have a great day.

BlubabesCreate said...

Thank-you Nina! Needed that! said...

I want to take a nap in the first image. Sooooo inviting.

Deserae said...

Beautiful inspirational eye candy!!!!! My boys are aging and now don't even get up to bark at the UPS man makes me so sad. I remember when I used to have to chase them in and out when we had them working on our heating system......

Teresa said...

Lots of wonderful little details.
Thanks for sharing.

michele said...

so charming and inspiring.


The enchanted home said...

Hi this is the colors and the patina on many of the beautful French pieces. Great light...and full of charm.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

I have always loved that home too~ how gorgeous!!

skooter8 said...

Our water heater just went as well and my husband installed a new one on the weekend. (with dogs helping of course) I also love that house and have thought of painting out my fridge many times. I did steal the medallion idea. Love it!!

Cindy said...

Hi Nita,
That is a great house with tons on ideas, so glad you posted it. I adore the built in shelves that have a blue back painted on it. And I like the hook on the side of the cabinet, I may try to do that to hang my tea towel on. I really like that stool from Pier 1.
Have a lovely day!
Hugs, Cindy

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh my. This post has made me realize just how much my style has changed in the last few years. This would have been perfection to me and while I still love it, somehow my home has turned totally Mid-Century Modern? Hmmm, I guess my sofa started the whole thing! But this is truly lovely.
Now only the black frig and the lockers would fit in with my scheme of things.

and Yes! I know too well the doggie in and out dance. Of course I always leave a few at work when I'm having work done (I'm afraid they will think me insane! LOL!)

Why not spray paint one of those stools a silver?
anyway, love this post.

Sharon in Chicago said...

Can you say Swoon-worthy about the first pic? Oh, my, she's loverly.