Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog Buddies

When in the dumps....
get help from a blogging friend.

See that cute painting above?
It was done by my friend Cindi of
Cindi works at a veterinary clinic taking care of everyone's animals as her day job.
She comes home to a cute little cottage full of rescued animals.
She's a great writer and artist and has started selling some of her cute 
paintings on Ebay.
Like that one above.
This one too. The auction ends soon and it is perfect for Halloween.

Cindi and I are always encouraging each other.
I hope you'll go by and see her other paintings on Ebay and perhaps bid on one.

Cindi takes care of so many animals that need to be cared for.
She cares for customers' animals like they are her own.
Actually, she has quite a few of her own because you would not believe how many people 
bring their supposed loved animal into the vet and then want to just leave them there.

She recently adopted a sweet little dog just because it's owners were tired of her.
Cindi couldn't bare to see the little one go to a shelter.
Poppy - happy in her new home with other family members and Cindi.

And this is the second dog this summer that was in the same situation and she had to take them in.

Earlier she adopted a little dachshund whose family just didn't want her any more.

Unbelievable how uncaring some people are.

But you know what? Cindi comes out on the winning end of this situation because her life is full 
of love and inspiration from her furry family.

Just go take a look at her little paintings. 
I'm sure you'd enjoy her blog too.

Now...that I've helped a fellow blogger friend....I'll tell you about how a fellow blogger helped me.

I received a little help today from Amy of Maison Decor 
which was followed by help from some of my readers.

I spoke to Amy last night on the phone.
I was telling her that my hours have been cut at Pier 1 due to the fact
that they've hired holiday help.

So until the store gets busy for the holidays, all our hours are cut to allow room
for the new people. 

That's ok....except I need the extra income.
As it is now...I never have extra money for house projects and crafts these days.

I was complaining to Amy that if I just had money for supplies, 
I could do some wonderful things to show on the blog.

But I feel so stuck....trying to make ends meet.
House expenses and dog expenses...and you know how it goes....we've all been there.

Amy suggested I put a donate button on my blog and maybe those that 
value the blog would pay a little so that I can make the blog better.

I had another friend suggest I should do this but I just felt so weird about it.

But they are right...I spend a lot of time on the blog and my posts and projects would be 
so much better if I had the money for supplies to make things.

So...I did it....I added a donate button.

Don't hate me. I know it's tacky as hell.

Amy is a great friend. Her blog is one of my favorites.
And you know she opened two Maison Decor stores in the Boston area recently.
You can order Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint from her
and she carries Annie Sloan Chalk paint too.

Oh...I wish I could open the Oklahoma City branch of Maison Decor....wouldn't that be fun?

Her blog is full of ideas on how to paint furniture.
She also does paint workshops on how to use the paint.
Wish I was close enough to go.

I've been too poor to even try either spite of the fact that I have several things 
here waiting to be painted.

I'm also going to start offering blog design.
I'll be doing Amy's next week.
She has been wanting it redone.

I have designed many websites in the past and of course I designed my own blog.

So I'm going to offer my services to others.
Truth is...if I don't make more money soon....I'm going to have to go back to 
the corporate world where I'll be working so much....this blog is going to 
significantly suffer. 

I've tried to do a great blog and work 60 hours a week and it does not work out too well for the blog.

Anyway, keep me in mind if you need a blog design.
I'll be posting about that in the coming week.

I designed this blog too.

You can't imagine how much I appreciate all your support.
All of my blog friends and readers got me through the roughest year of my life last year.
I can never repay you for that. 

Thanks to all of you that have donated already. 
Unbelievable....really how kind you are.


Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh Nita I do know where you are coming from. I say go for it. No one who loves what you do will think less of you. We were just talking about how costly our beloved pets are becoming in reduced circumstances but they are family too so we cut here to give there. I may not be able to donate but I can click. Got your back girl. I just applied for holiday help at Hobby Lobby, now I hope I am not cutting another employees hours if I get hired. Life is certainly different at this stage of life than I expected.

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG Nita! You have caught me totally off guard! Thank you so much for this sweet write up!
I'm stunned. You are just so kind and you will never know how much your friendship means to me. In this Blog world I have made some true friends, people who are kindred spirits and who I would be lost without. You, my dear are my BFF! I think the donate button is a great idea. I would gladly give if I had any cash but unfortunately things are very tight here too. Sometimes I've thought about it for myself, to help with all my little rescues. But I will gladly "click" away for you! Your blog is always so real. I love how you pour out your heart and speak your mind. You always leave me either laughing or crying! and you have fabulous taste on top of it all!!! I also think an Oklahoma City Maison Decor store is a fabulous idea! LOL! I adore Amy's stores and love reading her posts about them. Thanks again! XOXO - Cindi

Squeak said...

Hi Nita!

I think this is the first time I've commented on your blog. I've been unemployed since February and have exhausted my savings. But I had a very good interview on Friday and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get the job. If I do, and if you install a Donate button, I'll donate.

Like you and your friend, Cindi, I'm appalled at the number of people who simply abandon their pets. I love my two kitties with all of my heart and can't imagine abandoning them - it would kill me. I've always said that, if I ever win a large amount of money in the lottery, I'm going to buy a large piece of property and take in all the animals nobody wants.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

You are such an inspiration sharing yourself on your blog. I'm saying Thanks for all the good reads and am wishing for wonderful Doors To Open for you. I can feel opportunity and abundance flowing your way, can't you?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, Nita. We are very low on funds at the moment, or I would donate. I have monetized my blog in hopes that it will bring in some additional income eventually, but it is a long process. I love working on the blog though, so I just keep on truckin'! I will send you good thoughts that some extra spending cash will come your way! We have three cats that are rescue cats or their owners couldn't keep them or didn't want to keep them anymore. I often like pets much better than people, I have to admit. Pets are a lifetime commitment as far as I'm concerned. Nice to hear about Cindi and the important work she does to help pets--I will stop by her site!

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