Sunday, September 23, 2012

Open House Sunday

Lighthouse Cove Cottage
Doesn't this look like the ideal place to spend an early fall weekend?
Today's open house is a new home built to look old.
It's designed by
This home was built on Lake Winnipesaukke in New Hampshire. 
TMS architects created a home that respected the Lake's historic past.
The details in this house are quite cottage....but it's a large home.
This is "On Golden Pond"-ish for sure.
Some of the decor in this house is not to my liking but it would not take much to make this home perfection. 
The bones are there just some weird decor decisions made.
Like those terrible sconces and pendant lights. I do not like the artwork up there on the ledge.
Do like the sofa and side table.
That's a massive stone fireplace that I think would have been better with a more traditional mantel.
One in white...don't you?
That wolf painting front and center is just soooooo bad. 
Different art and this room would be great.
How gorgeous is this view out on to the lake?
I can just imagine having Thanksgiving with all the family in this setting.
That chandelier or flying saucer is very unfortunate.
Not crazy for the glass topped table either. 
A nice wood farm table would make this space a stand out.
The kitchen...oh...why didn't they go with white cabinets?
It would have been so much better. 
Yes, aren't those pendants hideous?
Not as ugly as those lights overhead though. Notice the newel posts reflect the lighthouse theme.
Just look at those views!
Nice simple guest bedroom.
Pretty vintage influenced bathroom. 
Again...terrible light fixtures.
This bathroom could have been better.
Now this bedroom...I love. 
Not the furniture but the alcove the bed is set into.
It adds so much charm to the room.
What a spot overlooking the lake! Yes, I would gladly spend a fall weekend here.

See the entire house here.


Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, but the views are magnificent!

The enchanted home said...

Wow!!!!!! What a gorgeous spot...magnificent home and that setting is downright dreamy!


It's a gorgeous home with a view to the lake to die for! The decor in general is not my taste.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Fire in the fireplace...and a good bottle of wine.

Amy Chalmers said...

I've been to that lake many times and there are some grand homes there. One house that I was fortunate to stay in was Adirondack style and it was a 5 million dollar home done to perfection with rustic style that you would have loved. This house has a lot going for it and I agree the lighting seems too modern. What great views! Mitt Romney has a house on this lake too, by the way.

Cindi Myers said...

Love this of course!
I agree about the flying saucer light fixtures and how do you dust paintings and etc. up on that ledge?
I'd change out the wolf painting (probably for a dog one! LOL!) but other than that, I could be very happy there...even if I didn't care for all the neighbors! tee hee.
xoxo - Cindi

Vintage Market Place said...

I lost my ability to speak, WOW!!!
I would live there in a heartbeat.

Custom Comforts said...

What a gorgeous house. Too bad about some of the decorating, but the view from the windows is spectacular. I love all the windows and light.

Ricki Treleaven said...

The kitchen just doesn't make sense in that house....weird....