Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Rot

Halloween Hot Spot
About July, every year...I start thinking about Halloween. 
This may seem early to some...but there are those out there that think about Halloween 365 days a year. 
One of those people is the guy who writes the blog...
Pumpkin Rot.
I don't know this guy's name....and maybe he's never said it.
I tried to search through his posts tonight to find it and couldn't...he signs his posts....
That's it. 

I've been reading his blog for a couple of years and always find great Halloween inspiration. 
He does a Yard Haunt each year that is over the top amazing. 
If you go to Pumpkinrot.com...you'll be led down the pumpkin path to see several year's 
of his yard haunts and other people's haunts. I love all the witches, ghosts and skeletons he's created.
Every year he creates a special scarecrow. This was this year's.
I can't tell you how much his creations inspire me to create ghoulish good times at my own home. 
His blog is full of everything that inspires him. I can spend hours there. 

If you need a little Pumpkin Rot in your own home...you can go to his Etsy store - 
and buy little rotten pumpkins for your own home.
Like these...
I think they are a-dor-a-ble!

Be careful if you go there...you may get lost and never come back!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Thanks for the info. I will have to check it out. I hope I don't get lost. When I used to work my office manager always created wild Halloween designs in her yard for the neighborhood kids. Her kids were grown, but this was her favorite holiday to decorate for and she did extreme designs and then she dressed up and was part of it and would scare the kids and then give them candy.

Erin said...

Thanks for the link Nita, I am starting to love hallwoeen, a bunch!

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! But of course you follow Pumpkinrot! I've followed him for about a year or so...discovered him through JunkerJane. Who makes adorable monster and paintings!
I want to make a SCARY scarecrow this year for my yard! DARK and SCARY!
So it will scare the little hoodlums! HA!
I AM getting old and cranky!
I'm turning into THAT old lady on the block! hee hee

(I won't go into it here but I posted an update about Button on my blog) Thanks for all your kinds words! XOXOX - Cindi

the cape on the corner said...

oh my lord, that's flippin' awesome. for some reason, it looks familiar, too. maybe i've seen "rot's" stuff on etsy? i am going to have to check out his store, for sure!

i love (like, could cry with happiness) that you have halloween music you listen to. i have a post coming up about what songs are on my mix, but "this is halloween" is of course on there! i love the sweeney todd music, that is on my list of cds to buy. a while ago, i downloaded anything with halloween type words, and found a song by aqua (of barbie girl fame) called halloween. it rocks.

thank you for being my newest follower, and girl, i am off to become yours!

Kellie Collis said...

They are spooky pictures! Kellie xx

Olive said...

You, Nita, are a font of Halloween inspiration.

The House of Healy said...

Thanks for this. I love Halloween and I really treasure truly spooky Halloween decor. As much as I like the pretty and vintage, the spooky stuff just amazes me. I'm even going to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. It's the premier event in the country. I'm beyond excited.