Monday, October 18, 2010

Cockatoo Figurine

Big Bird
A little break from all Halloween all the time.
I put off posting this because I thought I was going to have my furniture all painted months ago
and would post about it then....but as we all know that did not happen.
And now the room is torn apart because I am painting it
but soon all kinds of other decorations will go up and this bird will get put away till next spring. 
That is how it is at my house -
rotating accessories.

Isn't this cockatoo fabulous? I won him from Eddie Ross
He had a giveaway last summer and I was the lucky winner.
You can have a cockatoo like this of your own as it came from

I meant to post about him as soon as he arrived but I was deep in the middle of painting the outside 
of my house and just never got it done. 
So I'm doing now...

Eddie did a post last summer where he took vintage cockatoo statues and turned them into lamps. 
I might do that with this one...but have not decided yet. 
For now he looks nice sitting in front of my majolica collection in the dining room.
Here's the lamp Eddie made.
Click here to read how he made it.

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