Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

and she waits, yet for another night
Our Trick or Treating was last night as deemed by city officials.
(I hate it when they switch things around like that)
Which means the witch shall be at her window two nights instead of one.

She really scared many that came by tonight.
(I had about 50, which is typical)

Little children would stand in my front yard and just stare.

Several kids said I had the best house.
A few said they loved my decorations.
One or two asked if it was haunted.
One boy said, "You really fixed this place up".

and one lovely darling child said...
"You have the prettiest hair". 

That was directed to me, not the witch.

The witch even gave grown-ups a start. 
Several said they thought a real person sat there staring out.

One more night, she will reign and then back into her black dark tomb for another year.

I shot a video of her...thought you might like to see.
(I know, not the best...but you get the idea of how she looked)

For all that get to have their Halloween on its proper night...enjoy!

I'm invited to a Halloween party...but I might stay home and watch scary movies.

We'll see. more thing...I don't know what is up with the weenies but they never bark during 
Trick or Treating. They act like it is the most normal night of the year. 
My neighbors asked if I had them locked in a room. 
Nope...they were out in the house. Newman occasionally got up in the window to look out.

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

She is a scary one!

Anonymous said...

What a cool witch, I have really enjoyed all your Halloween post. It is nice to find a fellow blogger who loves the fun and creativity of the spookiest night of the year. Have a great Oct.31!!!

Cindi Myers said...

OK, now that was VERY cool!

Tonight is our Halloween night but I'm not sure if I will partake. My sister is having a little get-together but I might just stay home and work on things.
Last year was very disappointing as far as trick or treaters were concerned. I had VAN loads of kids wearing hoodies and carrying pillowcases. I'm talking big groups of teenagers from other neighborhoods. I hate to be the cranky old bat on the block but I live on a main street in town and get hit by everyone. I only had maybe 3 or 4 cute little ones.....
Yeah, I might keep the light off.

Kathy said...

What fun -That is really neat you took the time to you tube the witch for us -she is just so spooky looking --That is just too funny your dogs didn't even bark -ours act like they are wild on halloween night

Design Elements said...

happy halloween to you too

DreamgirlLisa said...

I love how your house looks for Halloween! I didn't put all my decorations out this year outside like I usually do. I expect it will be fairly quiet this year it being a school night. I miss all the fun Halloween parties I used to host when my girls were younger. Thanks for sharing!!

Olive said...

Most Excellent Weenies!

Happy Halloween!

Tanna said...

You DO have the best house!! Great decor and I think the weenies just enjoy Halloween like the rest of us. LOL!