Sunday, July 28, 2013

Open House Sunday

Cottage in Medical Community
built 1928
This house is located near the OU Health Science Center in Oklahoma City.
It's the perfect pad for a young doctor to inhabit which explains it's high end finishes.
Adore that huge porch!
It's an unusual tudor style of house. 
I haven't seen one quite like it before.
The front porch would benefit from lots of furniture and plants.
Inside the furniture is mostly modern.
Modern with lots of oriental rugs...which I think is rather odd.
An Indian influence around the fireplace.
This fireplace would look fantastic with a wood mantel above it. 
Lose the tapestry.
This is an odd layout for the furniture.
I see why they did it though as the front door seems to open in the middle of the room.
So they divided the room into two major sitting areas. 
This room has a decidedly more vintage feel.
I don't know what style you'd call this dining room furniture.
Any idea? 
I really hate it.
Color on the walls is nice, that's about all I can say for this decor.
But...the kitchen is very very impressive. 
I'd prefer it with white subway tile...but all else is very pretty.
This kitchen sure does sparkle!
I'm not sure where this room is, whether it's a backroom, upstairs or what?
Looks to have another stove and microwave.
Interesting butler's area or bar.
Breakfast nook leaves me cold because of the furniture.
So much chrome and glass in this house! Too much.
More of the modern look in furniture in the bedroom. 
I do kind of like the bedside tables.
But think how much better this would be with an upholstered headboard instead of the matching bed.
More oriental carpets in this room too! 
Don't they seem odd with the decor of this house?
Bathroom goes vintage. I like it but it would be better with tile instead of beadboard.
Upstairs office is all set to do some serious work.
I'd love a space like this for creative.
Huge sitting area upstairs too.
Nice space to relax.
Big back deck and nice but sparse backyard.
I prefer my backyard to have more vegetation.
Pebble walkway from deck to garage.

I don't think it would take much to make this cottage wonderful.
I sure would love to decorate it to fulfill its potential. 

How do you feel about it?
Does all the modern furniture leave you cold or do you find it refreshing?

I think they got plain rugs and mix some antiques in with the would be much better.

See the full listing here.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
The weather here has just been the best.
I wish every summer in Oklahoma would be like this.

But then everyone would want to live here!


Stacey said...

I think it's beautiful! Love the soft colors and the way they've refinished things to look vintage but modern. Not sure if I would pay that price though.

Scribbler said...

Well, you may find this weird, but I like the whole thing! I agree that the outdoor areas could use some decorating, but what I am picking up is a very Asian vibe. Very Zen, but of course, the personal things have probably. Been removed for purposes of showing the house.

I cannot pe on this iPad!

Art and Sand said...

The bones of the house are good, but the decor turns me off. The furnishings don't match the style.

I clicked to see the cost because prices vary so much from one area of the country to the next. That house would be 3 times the cost in my town, but Oklahoma must be an inexpensive place to live.

Pondside said...

Pretty bones, for certain, but the decoration is cold. Perhaps the owners are just too busy to relax at home. I'd be tense all the time, living with all the chrome and hard edges.

Pondside said...

Pretty bones, for certain, but the decoration is cold. Perhaps the owners are just too busy to relax at home. I'd be tense all the time, living with all the chrome and hard edges.


FABULOUS home! Although I don't like the decor, I do love the great kitchen! Big hugs,

Pat said...

Love the house itself but what an odd mishmash of furnishings. Is the toilet paper holder for the sink?

Dewena said...

Other than the dining room table and chairs and the rather barren back yard, I adore this house and the furniture. It reminds me of the first time I went into a very expensive Scandinavian furniture showroom and knew that somewhere inside me--if I could afford it--was a person who would love this style. There would not be much of anything in my house that would survive a transformation to this style, but I love it.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm, I think I'm with you on this one......from the outside it looks impressive. But the style is very muddled, yet plain......I can't understand what the home decor says about the owners....
Although, saying's well finished, clean and tidy.
Besides, furniture can be changed!

Emma (Dear Thirty) x

whimages said...

I see potential potential potential! Get all that STUFF out of there and warm that cottage up! YOU totally could ROCK this house! It has awesome bones!

whimages said...

Okay I had to come back after I saw the price. For that square footage, the brick the yard etc. would go much higher here probably 450. I'm in Northern Maryland

Cyndia said...

I really love the house. The upgrades are lovely, and I think very well done. The decor leaves me cold, with the exception of the rugs. I like those, and I think they fit the house with the right decor.
The price seems high for what I know of that area, and considering that the house sold for $139,000 in 2007. Even taking the renovations into consideration, I don't think they warrant the asking price, or anywhere near. Or has housing changed that much over the last few years?

Karen said...

I LOVE it! I would move all of their furniture straight out the door and put all of my stuff in and it would match the style of the house waaaaaaaay better! And I already want to live in Oklahoma...Best state in the union...but then I never wanted to leave in the first place. :0/ Thanks for the fun tour!

Cindi Myers said...

First I would get rid of all those Oriental rugs!
And the a lot of the furniture, mostly the antique stuff and add some painted furniture, more Modern and big colorful paintings....
and a swimming pool in the backyard.
(You knew I was going to say that.)

Anonymous said...

I actually like the rugs with most of the modern furniture, I like those couches with the rugs especially. I think those two vase/jug things in front of the BEAUTIFUL fireplace are all wrong, though, the colors and the style are in a snarling fight to the death. I hope the fireplace wins. I also like the design of the dinning room chairs, but they have the wrong fabric on the seats, and they don't seem to me to go with the table. For one thing, the table is way too tall, and also personally I'd like to see those chairs with a warm, vintage wooden table. I would call their style sort of 20's slash craftsman style? Is that daft? In general I kind of like the sort of modern twist on 20's feeling decor with the rich, warm rugs, but I think they've tried to add too many other cultural references/style elements in as well like those annoying pots in front of the fireplace. I love picking stuff like this apart, I wish we could have a discussion group and each person bring a house or room to the meeting and present it, and then we could all work on fixing it. So fun!
ALSO, that yard needs a lot of fluffing up with trees, bushes, flowers, etc. And the front porch needs an awning or a trellis or something. And some window boxes for the whole house. And maybe a stained glass window or two. And a thatched roof. And, and, and.......