Sunday, July 7, 2013

Open House Sunday

Tudor Cottage in Edgemere Park, Oklahoma City
built 1929
This home just came up for sale this past week in my neighborhood.
I showed this house a couple of years ago when it was last up for sale.
I thought it would be fun to show the changes it's gone through.
Pretty flowers fill the pots on the front brick pedestals and the front patio is all decked out for summer enjoyment. 
This is how the front looked in July of 2010.
The front room starts with an arched door.
I love the arches on the windows! I'd kill to have those at my house.
The fireplace is very odd for this style home. I'm guessing that it's a facade covering
the original fireplace. If this house was mine...I'd dive into it to see what is under that 
odd fireplace and either uncover the real one or be prepared to create one that looks more authentic to the home.
I'm not going to talk about decor in this post....I'm not into the way its decorated at all.
Seems people in Oklahoma have a love affair with big brown leather sofas.
Everyone has got them. 
I wish I had a dollar for every time someone came into the store and asked me to help them pick
out pillows to go with their sofa.
I always ask what the sofa looks like and they invariably say...
"Well, it's big and brown and leather."
I always mouth the words with them because I KNOW what they are going to say.

I did have a customer come in today that bought a white nubby linen sofa.
Perhaps there is hope.

I don't have a photo of this room before but it was pretty much the same.
Dining room. The previous owner left the chandelier.
See ... there it is. I was in this house when it was previously owned and it was very sparingly decorated.
I don't think it had dining room furniture if you can believe that.
This is a front sitting room. I'd paint that fireplace white so the first day I moved in.
I love the big windows in this wish I had em.
I do adore the rug in this room. Isn't it nice?
I like these drapes of the previous owner better and I also liked the art just propped on the fireplace.
Here's a big change. The kitchen was much more minimalist before.
Open shelving.
The kitchen was a work in progress but upper cabinets were not in the plans.
I loved the way the room was going here.
I hate the color of these cabinets. White would have been much better.
I liked the modernity of the room before. 
The placement of appliances seems a little odd.
I guess better than the way it was.
I prefer this big stove but I'm guessing the new owners wanted room for cabinets.
This is a large square kitchen...I think I would have put the frig on the other side of the room.
I don't care for a stove being next to a just doesn't seem quite and cold together.
I guess this does make more sense. But that corner seems odd...doesn't it? 
I guess that is a broom closet or pantry in the corner.
Oh...I believe this is the other side of the room...They created a breakfast nook 
that was not there before...I am betting they built out a laundry room in part of the kitchen.
See the door there to the left? This would be why the frig is next to the stove.
One of the bedrooms on the side of the house.
The kid in this room can play twister on his rug when old enough.
The dark curtains ruin the vibe of the room.
Rather blah bedroom. 
This couple has been living across country for awhile working new jobs...
so this may not be their first pick for bedding and accessories.
Cute little original tile bathroom.
You know I love that!
This is how it was before...I like that the walls are now blue and there are white curtains.
It's fresher, now. sweet.
Neatly landscaped.
cute picket fence
Pretty shady driveway.
Here's the whole backyard....a nice green space.
And this is it before in 2010. 

It's a very nice house. 
Every one of the homes in my neighborhood has something special about it.
With this one...I think it's those big windows.

Here's the full listing.


vintage girl at heart said...

Had to laugh at the brown leather sofa...I have one after many years of fighting the system...with dogs cats grands and teens I finally had to give up on my antique sofa. And it is a sectional..I know cringe...but I just mix my shabby vintage junkin' style in with it. Anything goes..right?
Love this house and the window details are so pretty. Love that they left the chandy and yes I would have to unearth what is under that fireplace also! What fun it would be to find out.
It is always nice to see before and after photos too. Thanks for bringing us these inside peeks into your neighborhood. Happy July!

Art and Sand said...

I love my Tudor house and just about any Tudor style house.

I had to check the listing price and laugh. Location, location, location. On my street, there would not be room for much of a yard and the cost would be $750,000. In another part of town where there would be room for the yard, it would still be about $750,000. If if was on the hill in the historic area with an ocean view, it would be $1.5 million.

Cynthia Myers said...

Vintage Girl said what I was thinking..."Kids and dogs" that's got to be the reason. I have faux leather because I prefer fake to dead.
I'm shaking my head over that kitchen. Obviously some money was spent but I would have done it completely different. (painted everything white, left the open shelves, added some more, maybe a big colorful painting on that open wall...)anyway, I'm so glad they kept the sink!
In my town, it would probably go for less. There are several similar homes to this one a few blocks away from my home and most have 3 season porches...yeah, I'd need a back porch for sure.
:D Thanks for the tour!

Shannon Fox said...

Stopped by to say HI and take the tour. That kitchen is a mystery. Don't get what they have done as far as style or color at all. Sure they picked it out themselves. LOL. You know (or hope) a designer was not involved ;)

Traci Creel said...

I am swooning over those gorgeous windows. They are simply dreamy. I am with you the kitchen cabinets would be better all white, maybe then the weird closet in the corner would not stick out as much. I have to go check out the price after reading the other comments. Have a great week.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Ooooh, those windows! Yep, I'm with you, lots and lots of white paint. And when I was done inside I would get going on that dark brick, too :) This house is such a charmer, and DANG what a bargain. Wish I could move right in!!
xo, Andrea

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It has so much potential. I love the windows above all. Thus said, I would change A LOT of things inside!

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