Sunday, July 21, 2013

Open House Sunday

French Cottage in Texas
built 1930
The outside of this cottage is charming. The whole look is all about symmetry. 
Precious dormers...shuttered front door and windows.
Front patio with matching benches on each side and matching planters on either side of the door.
Symmetry can be so good.
Inside, the house has a modern french feel.
French fireplace here and over it....modern art.
Huge vintage poster art makes a bold statement in the room.
Dining room has a huge piece of art too and very modern furniture.
I'm guessing this room is on the backside of the house.
The slate fireplace is an obvious recent addition.
The dining room is light and bright.
Nice kitchen...nothing too fancy here.
Here we have a very unusual ceiling. 
I do like that dandelion light fixture in this space. 
Master bedroom is very traditional. 
But the bath is very modern.
I like this minimalist double sink vanity. I'd do different mirrors though.
Either something very antique - y like venetians or something very rustic or something 
with chrome accents. 
Nice little outdoor living room. It's very casual and looks like a great place to hang.
The view to the pool is pleasant.
A few laps here on a lazy Summer Sunday would be ideal.

See the full listing here.


vintage girl at heart said...

I really like this Home. The huge clock etc.. make a statement! Even the modern mixed in with the old looks like it flows. Would love to have a pool like that too.
Happy Sunday!

Cindi Myers said...

Now you are just being cruel.
absolutely loved it all!
and it even has a pool.

Ricki Treleaven said...

LOL @ what Cynthia said. This might be my favorite cottage in your series yet. I love the interior, too!


Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

So when I win the lottery, and buy this cottage as my get-away place, I'll be sure to invite y'all over for a dip in the pool. The cabana boy will serve drinks and goodies to eat.

CeCe said...

I think this might be my favorite one yet. I really love the exterior but the prices of the homes located in the Dallas area ar $$$! That wonderful ceiling is something, also, I have never seen. Yum!