Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Weenie Time!

After work...most days...I spend a little time on the deck with the weenies.
Here is Franklin...he's panting because it was so hot mid 90's.
He's a full grown lovely boy now! He's over two years old.
He is very very sweet and gentle. He's very attached to me. Likes to be near me at all times.
He's an easy dog. He comes in when I call now and the only thing he is crazy about is squirrels 
but I never have to worry about him trying to get out. He seems perfectly content in my backyard.
When I had Newman I was constantly scared that he was going to find a way out or hurt himself doing
some daredevil thing. Franklin is full of fun...but he's not hell bent on destruction. 
He's a happy little guy.
I tried to get a photo of his full body, so you could all see how handsome he has become.
He has a very nice tail but his ears are a little funny. 
The hair stays short on the tips and is long on the tops.
Many of the photos turned out like this because he kept trying to come up and kiss me while I was shooting.
I haven't shown Harvey in awhile. He is much thinner than he used to be.
Here's a photo of how he used to look....
Very adorable but very fat.
He's is still chunky...but he has lots more energy now and can run and jump a little.
He's lost weight since I started spoon feeding them.
I don't leave food out for him to eat when he wants any more.
Still adorable.
I began this diet after discovering Violet is allergic to grain and chicken.
She had a terrible sinus infection and cough last year that just would not go away.
Many trips to the vet did not solve the problem.
The vet said it was just chronic and nothing to be done about it.
Well, I switched to canned food just because I'd run out of their normal dry.
That canned food was beef only. 
Mom had brought it when she came to stay with me.
After a few days on that food...Violet was so much better!
The coughing stopped and way less snotty nose.
Recently, I went grain free too and she's 100% again.
She has always sneezed a lot in the spring and summer but last year after she caught kennel cough 
from Franklin...she was sick most of last year.
I wonder why my vet didn't think to suggest it could be a food related allergy.
Her skin was itchy and broken out too.

Now it seems obvious.
Anyway, I wanted to tell about it here in hopes of helping anyone else that has a dog 
with a constant cough, runny nose and itchy skin.
Try taking chicken and grain out of their diet.

Poor Violet, she is not very photogenic. She is much more beautiful than this photo shows.
She is very hard to photograph too...she doesn't care about having her picture taken at all.

Newman used to stare right at the camera and I'd get lots of good shots of him.
Funny how some dogs like their picture taken and some don't.
Sally doesn't mind although she wiggles too much when close up. 
She is probably thinking about rolling in something in that top pic.
She likes to do that a lot.
Here she is being good. Such a silly girl with a silly smile.
Sally's lost weight too....Franklin has gained a little which is fine but poor Violet has 
gained several pounds. She used to pick at her food but since I changed it
she wants to eat lots of it. I think she knew it made her sick and ate as little as possible. 

That's what's up with the dogs.

Nothing much up with me.
Which is's good when things are dull...don't you think?
Nothing bad happening...and that is good. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad the change in food made her feel better.

Angie said...

Love seeing all of your furbabies. :) I have two of those little sweeties myself, and they both have food allergies. Constant struggle trying to keep Bayley's weight down. I'm curious what you feed yours now. I have to order grain free beef AND chicken free for mine---and I do make homemade food for them when I can find the time. Your babies are just gorgeous. :)

Coco said...

My weenie, Gatsby, has awful allergies! We finally had to have him tested because even after changing his diet he would have awful skin break outs that would become infected. He was miserable. He is allergic to grain and chicken...and grass (which is a problem for going potty!) as well as many weeds/pollens...and get this...HUMAN dander! lol He gets weekly shots now which has made a huge difference. Glad that your little ones are doing well!

Unknown said...

Love your sweet babies! What would life be without a dog or two, or three. Thanks so much for sharing. Patti

Laurel Stephens said...

What a cute family! I had a very independent dachshund named Pokey for 16 years. Her purpose in life was to keep the world (backyard) safe from evil squirrels. I always love to see blog dogs. Thanks for sharing!

Patty Rumaker said...

Oh, your fur babies are absolutely adorable. I have a multi-poo, Priscilla, or should I say she has me. She has a very sensitive stomach and it can get upset so easily.
Thanks, Patty

Lynn said...

Thank you for the fur-baby update. Been wondering what they've been up to lately. :-)

Debby said...

Oh I love your weinies. Franklin is so unusual in his least for me. I took corn products out of my dogs food and they don't throw up anymore. TMI......sorry. I am noticing some dog foods are going to the natural. Finally

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...

oh they are so cute!

Dewena said...

You knew I'd love, love, love this post! Franklin is such a handsome dachshund. I love those fluffy, feathery legs! And I 'm so glad he's a stay-at-home boy. So happy you added him to the family.

Congratulations, Harvey, on your new svelte figure! I want to gently squeeze those feet and he probably wouldn't like that one bit. Have you ever painted him, Nita? He so unusual.

Thank you for this new picture of Violet. She looks wonderful and I think she's very photogenic in this portrait. I'm sure you know why I put a kiss on her nose when I saw it. You can just tell from looking at her that she feels great. She does not look her age at all.

Can't forget about Sally--that sweet expression says all about her nature.

Maybe nothing much up with you, Nita, but seeing how clean and well-groomed, healthy and happy your weenies are means that you stay very busy indeed. I'm putting each one of them on my Pinterest board. Give them all my love and especially Violet.

Unknown said...

Our Violet sneezes a lot too....have to look into the food! I love the updates on your doxies. We have two and they are the BEST doggies ever :)

Pamela said...

Loving all the Weenie's Anita! They are so much larger than our Savannah. She is not a miniture but when we saved her from the people who were selling her they said her mama was small. She sneezes every now and then and is picky with her food but if we leave it out long enough she eventually will eat cause she knows she will not be getting anything else...except when it is time to share with us!;) When we got her she was 2.7 pounds and now she is 15! We love her to pieces but wish she would stop chewing holes in the carpet.

Cindi Myers said...

Franklin is such a sweetie and I love that he loves being right with you all the time. It was obviously meant to be, for Franklin to come into your life. You so needed him.
Harvey looks AMAZING! I'm so happy to see that he's slimmed down. He's the kind of boy that I'd want to hug and kiss all the time.
Violet is BEAUTIFUL, I really don't know how she could be any prettier, but if you say she is, I will believe you.
And Sally, that little girl... Jeez, I just want to kidnap her! She looks like she'd fit in well with my zany herd.
I totally agree, dull can be good.
xoxo - Cindi

Unknown said...

My love to the weenies, they are all looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting allergy with Violet, thanks for passing along. I have 3 weinies that keep me busy and a kitty. Love my pets and I love seeing and hearing about your's too! Patty/BC

Unknown said...

Your weenies are all adorable! My dog also had terrible allergies and his skin would break out and get infected. Now, he eats food that is grain and chicken free. It is salmon and sweet potatoes and he loves it.

Unknown said...

Hi Nita - just to let you know - you may already be aware but of late when I go to your site there are several http:// (ads) before I can get back to my homepage. Well this morning there are so many (http://addoubleclicknet yada yada the YUM!) that I lost count at over 100. Have to close down and start my home page again to get back to it.

Don't know why that happens...but thought you'd want to know.

Meanwhile LOVE the kids! I grew up with one just like Franklin.

Unknown said...

Sorry to pop back in - that should read and then YUM!

Amy Chalmers said...

I love seeing the dogs and hearing you tell about their personalities and likes and dislikes. Harvey really looks amazing after his weight loss and he must feel better too. I bet the all beef food is low carb and therefore more satisfying than a bunch of grain laden food. We use all salmon as Dillon has skin issues. Franklin is a total gift~so glad to see him doing well and giving you lots of affection. The whole bunch looks quite happy!

marty said...

My daughter is a vet; I will share this with her! I agree that "nothing happening" is a good thing..........a blessing, actually! LOVE you blog; keep up the good work!

CeCe said...

I can tell you really love your dogs. Somehow, earlier, I had missed how many you care for. I cannot imagine caring for four cuddle bugs! Glad you figured out the allergy and YeS....boring can be a very good thing!

Deserae said...

I love reading all about the weeneies and how they are doing! They are so darn adorable and just melt my heart :o)

Unknown said...

Your fur babies are looking so cute, Nita! I pinned a picture of two weenie dogs this morning and thought of your babies. How funny!

Diane said...

Thanks for the update on your doggies. They look so happy and healthy and Franklin is such a cutie!

Donna-s Lair said...

You are a smart mommie! Love the weenies!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh my goodness glad to know your baby is doing so much better. All of them are just adorable. I am in love with Harvey. This is such a wonderful post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us today!


My Little Bungalow said...

Your dogs are adorable! Did I count FIVE of them?? Wow. More power to you! We have our hands full with three. Our oldest is slowing down and I'm starting to get really sad about the inevitable. Her tumor is growing rapidly and her hind legs are getting weaker. I'm going to be heartbroken when she's gone. All I can do now is to love on her as much as possible.

Thanks for sharing pics of your precious pups!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I like hearing about your dear weenies,they are adorable ,I could just kiss them all

I miss having dogs and swear I will get me 2 when I can be home more

I have a cat now that I rescued from roaming my bust street for 2 years
Shirley is very happy inside my house and not eating out of my trash bags every trash day LOL

hanks for the tips on dry/wet dog food . I wonder if it would help Shirley loose some weight? LOL

Debra@CommonGround said...

they're so cute and have so much personality. what a job to hand feed everyone. whew. but knowing animals have gluten issues too, makes lot's of sense. glad you came over to share their cuteness!

e said...

Sally - oh the personality :)
Violet - I believe she's beautiful, what a sweet girl.

All your dogs are great.

Unknown said...

What a lovely bunch of fur babies you have! I am mom to 3 cats - one of which has awful digestive issues & we switched to duck & pea (I laugh every time I say that!!) food and he is much better - amazing how their food can make such a difference!

Mimi said...

I have no dogs right now and just love reading about yours- thanks for sharing and the photos are precious! A wonderful way to start my day!!

A House Romance

Unknown said...

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All of your babies are beautiful. My Bridget is overweight and needs to go on a diet. I think the corn and grains in most dog food is GMO modified-read up on Monsanto and GMO's. It will scare you to death for yourself as well as your dogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so thrilled Harvey has slimmed, I'm sure he feels much better! He looks SO SWEET!! Thanks for the news about Violet too, I'm so glad she's feeling better. I think she's very photogenic in her portrait! And Franklin is a hoot!! I love the pic of him on his viewing platform in another post you have! He looks so sensitive and charming....And Sally! Gosh, what a riot of fun! You have a charming family, and I'm so glad to hear they are doing well. I have a doxie boy that is itchy and is loosing his fur, I wonder if it could be a food allergy as well....I will try him out on some different food and see how he does!