Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jersey Belle - Danielle's House

Are any of you watching Jersey Belle on Bravo?
 I hate to admit that I am. 
I didn't think I would but it has grabbed me.

The main character - Jaime is a successful celebrity publicist who moved
to Alabama when she met and married her southern husband.

The show is about her and her group of southern girlfriends.
But the thing that made me stop and and pay attention immediately was seeing her girlfriend, 
Danielle Yancey's house.
That's Danielle, she looks like a model...perhaps she used to be one.
I fell in love with the inside of her home and went looking for more information on it, online.
I thought it surely was a grand ol' historic home of Alabama.
A search quickly led me to the website of the home's architects.
I just knew that on this site I'd learn about the restoration of their home.
Nope! Instead I found the architectural renderings for this home.
The Yancey's already had a house in this neighborhood and wanted a larger one.
This new one involved raising the roof on their existing home.
This is the original home!
An amazing transformation. 
The Yancey's told the architects they wanted a home with the 
feeling of a tuscan villa.
This is the brick structure under the stucco.
Every detail is so beautiful in this home.
From the light fixtures and hardware to the decor choices.

The kitchen was the first room that caught my attention.
The rough wood shelving is really inspired.
This light fixture was once a chicken feeder.
monogrammed napins
curtains appear to just be lengths of burlap
One of the specifics when the Yanceys were building this house was that
it be very dog friendly. They have two labs with full run of the house.
What a sweet face!
photos of the same room but styled a little differently

 dog feeding station
love the colors in this bedroom
I'm assuming this is the master
That's a very interesting headboard.
This house has just the right mix of shiny and rough, doesn't it?
master bath has matching sinks and furniture inspired cabinetry 
very spa like
back courtyard

Learn more herehere and here.


Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

I just darted to watch this show-2 show in to the season-funny! Love the house!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous home! I loved everything about them and I am crazy for the 3 large vintage distressed mirrors they have!

Vicki said...

Wow, can't believe that's the same house. Love how unique and historic it looks. The interiors are great, but the burlap curtains kind of surprise me.

sharon smith said...

Yes Nita! I watch everything BRAVO. By the way, I ran into Kevin from Hollywood forever Kevin on Melrose last week. So sweet....
Love the home!

TiKiMOOSE said...

No, never seen the show....what a place...not a scrap of paper or a telephone or clock radio or lamp cords to be seen anywhere. I did spy a single toothbrush and a coaster and they hid their soap pump in the sink in one shot.
Looks like a nice resort.

La Dolce Vita said...

The glass/acrylic doesn't seem to fit, but maybe it's just me. I would never choose to put acrylic stools in a Tuscan style kitchen. The rest is beautiful, especially the mirrors.

laura Madalene said...

Oh I love the new look! It creates openness in your kitchen. It's unbelievable how one board made such a difference! Beautiful job!

Tracy Evans said...

Luv the house and get. Ladies on this show are more genuine than other reality shows.


Byron Smith said...

Hey Nita,
Thanks for the coverage of the house. Thanks to all for such positive comments on the design.

Byron K. Smith, Principal
studiosmith Architecture LLC

Amy said...

I absolutely love the light fixtures in the kitchen-Does anyone know where they are from?

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