Sunday, May 19, 2013

Open House Sunday

Bungalow on a Hill
built 1925
Here's a pretty little bungalow sitting high on the lot.
One of my friends in my neighborhood has a house that sits high up on her lot and it feels like you are living in a tree house looking down on everyone.
I thought I wouldn't like that feeling but I tell you my friend's house is very cool.
I'll show it one of these days. 
So anyway...the fact that this one sits up a bonus.
Cute curb appeal.
Quite a slope to the yard.
I like the colors they used on this home outside.
Slate has been put on the porch. I know this looks nice but I prefer au-naural concrete.
The features of this house are very cute. It's not decorated the best but it's nice and homey.
I love all the white trim. Typical bungalow features that would have originally been in a stained wood.
I know stained wood is what these homes would have had originally but I just love white woodwork.
Everything looks better with white woodwork.
Cute sun porch.
It's just off the kitchen.
Again...don't like the decor one bit but this dining room would be nice in other colors and with other furniture.
Another sitting room or office.
Lots I love about this kitchen and things I don't. I love the cabinets and the stove.
Counters are fine but I hate the color of the backsplash. It would have been so much better 
in true white and I don't like black sinks...
I know this is carrying the color of the counter through but I'd rather see white. 
I do like that the kitchen faucet is coming out of the wall just like it originally would.
It's a very narrow galley kitchen...but that is typical of a house from this era.
This is the hall. Love the built ins right off the dining room which would be very convenient 
for storage and easy access to your china and glasses.
Now up the stairs. 
Good spot for a master.
Another bedroom. I'd love to have a bedroom that would be up in the trees.
Nice vintage bathroom. I like the color combination here dark cream, white and gray.
Sitting area upstairs. Red is so wrong for this room. It should be a color that adds to the tree house feel.
Look at all that green out the windows. Wouldn't this room be pretty in light colors? 
Light green or light aqua?
A screen porch upstairs. This could be such a great spot. 
Not decorated to shine at all. But I can imagine the possibilities.

Not a big yard...but big enough. I like the brick patio.
See how much bigger this house looks from the back then it does from the street?
It's a bungalow with a secret.

See full listing here.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!


Sonia said...

What an adorable bungalow...yes I could imagine your light and bright style in some of those darker rooms! Great house and those sun porches are adorable spaces! Wow I was shocked to see the price on the listing...not in Oklahoma obviously!
Miss Bloomers

Unknown said...

Adorable! I would love a house like this!

Cindi Myers said...

After reading Sonia's comment I had to go to the listing...OMG!
You could have a mega mansion HERE for that price! Seriously, there's a sprawling Mid-Modern complete with 4 car garage and a barn on 16 acres selling for $600,000, that I'm lusting after! anyway-
That place was cute but could be awesome if redone as you said. Light colors, light turquoise, white etc.
Yeah, HERE it would list probably for 170,000. to 190,000. maybe?
(and there's not even a pool!)

Donna said...

I love the house especially the three porches. The retro kitchen is great but I agree that the tile would have to go. The biggest drawback for me is the yard. While the brick patio I nice, I need more dirt to play in.

srpprcrftr said...

I think the bungalow was decorated for the era it was built possibly. It's really nice, other rooms are nice size but kitchen is so small. The area off the dining room is a butlers pantry when they still had them in certain homes.
I'd love that house (except for small kitchen) to redo somewhat. The porches are a definite plus. The price is a bit over the top. Homes here (Grand Junction, CO) are way overpriced for what is offered.We have a 1/2 acre with a single wide 16x80 and a very small shed, paid $120k for it. Ridiculous.
I miss our place in KY so much. We had 1 1/2 acres, 1500 sq/ft 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath, nice big front porch and back deck. Old established trees, a stream running between us and farmland next door. Our son bought the house, completely redid the house inside and out. He made the front porch at least 1/2 way across front of house. We paid $55,000 for that place in 2004. Wish we could have stayed there. We had a big garage built also. The climate about killed me health wise, I have arthritis, asthma and allergies. Not a good climate for those health problems with the humidity. It was out in country, guess I'd better quit thinking/talking about it, makes me miss it even more.
It's just so weird how different areas of the country have such different pricing for what you get.

Mick said...

What a cute little house begging to be decorated and painted in soft pastel colors!

Margaret said...
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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This house has so much potential! I don't like the way it's decorated or furnished, but the furniture will go away with the previous owners anyway!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a charming home! Loved seeing the area rugs as in Spet., I will be putting in a wood laminate floor thourgh out my downstairs so I am looking for ideas...


Cyndia said...

My home sits up on a even higher hill than this one. I put up arbors over the front and side steps and installed a picket fence all around. There is no grass, just lush plantinga of shrubs and trees, and I love sitting up on my very large front porch in my pajamas, knowing no one can see me, but I can see everything! Mostly I gaze at my garden, and read.
The architectural details are much more prominent in the home you posted, but we are gradually re-adding those in ours.

Heather said...

I love this house! Bungalows are my favorite house style. I don't even mind the small kitchen. Some of the colors/furnishings are definitely period . . . I can imagine the house in both period appropriate colors and decor, and also in a lighter, brighter style. It would be great either way! I didn't check the price on the listing, but it would probably sell for less than $200k here in Central California.