Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer of Pier 1

I Want to Play!
That's Amy's deck above from 
She was asked by Blogher and Pier 1 Imports along with four other bloggers to decorate their patio spaces
using $500 worth of stuff from Pier 1 and then blog about it.
Wouldn't that be fun?
As soon as I found out that Amy was doing mind would wander while I 
was working at Pier 1 each day, thinking -  "Will Amy get this....or will Amy get that"?

Today was the reveal.
She turned her deck into a gardener's room.

It's so pretty.

After seeing Amy's reveal, I started thinking what things would I have chosen for my own 
back deck? 
I decided to just go ahead and make my selections and share here what I would 
have bought with $500 worth of Pier 1 credit.

Here is my reveal.....
I don't have any seating out back other than small patio dining chairs so I would need a settee for 
the dogs and I to lounge on.
That took a little over half of my $500 budget.
But I had plenty left over for a cushion, a rug, large floor lanterns and small lanterns to hang in my
redbud tree.
I'd also get a few of the citronella candles in the green urns to keep bugs away and that cute
little turquoise turtle oil lamp.
Can you envision those things out on my deck?
How about at night with all the lanterns about?

By the way....Pier 1 Imports is having a big sale through the weekend.
I did my shopping based on pre-sale prices since Amy did too.
But I could have bought even more right now because so much of what they have is now on sale. 
I just love all the different lanterns shown together glowing at night.

Outdoor cushions are 25% off.
All lanterns $15 and under are 25% off.
Much of the furniture is reduced.

Do go by 

and see all of Amy's pretty deck and visit the other bloggers too and see what they did with their 
Pier 1 money.

You also get chances to win your own Pier 1 money from all of them.

Hey, if you go in Pier 1 this week or weekend...tell them that you read all about their sale on
Mod Vintage Life, a blog written by one of their employees.

Maybe if enough people tell them...they'll make me their official blogger.


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

What a fabulous post!!! I think it would be a great idea if Pier One had a real employee that was their blogger~and how much better for them if it was YOU, because you are such a gifted blogger! I love what you picked out NIta, I wanted to get an outdoor carpet, but the money was not there...but you can create a lot of look for the $500 they gave us!

Belinda said...

You would be a great blogger for Pier 1! Maybe we need to start a facebook campaign for that! :)

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I could definitely see your selections on your back porch! I love all your plants. Looks so green and lush. The colors you chose would match up perfectly with your house trim. Pier 1 definitely needs to let you blog for them. Love that idea!

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, that would be awesome if you were their blogger! Of course that's exactly what they should do. I love your back deck!

Jennifer L. Griffin said...

What a nice space, and your design board is fantastic! Your vision for your patio is lovely. Is that a sweet potato vine going crazy? Those things are the best!

Linda Hartong said...

Dreamy . I personally love Pier1. I found my dining chairs there for a wonderful price. We are remodeling in Carmel and there is a Pier 1 in Pacific Grove that I look forward to checking out. I will mention you.

A Few Pennies said...

Nita; your deck is wonderful; I'm inspired and excited 'cause I'm finally getting a deck onto the back of my house and is almost completed--loving these ideas. I hope to take pics soon of the reveal. (its just a tiny deck but I can enjoy coffee out there in the morn). also--gonna email you soon about cost of revamping my header--I need help!

Cynthia Myers said...

You would be the PERFECT blogger for Pier 1!
I love your choices!
I'll go check out the other blogs right now.
(Tell me who to email or what to add my name to, to get Pier 1's decision makers to your blog.)
xoxo - Cindi

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Pick ME, Pier1.... Pick ME!!!! LOL I was just reading my email about the sale just a few minutes ago. We replaced our destroyed umbrella (storm damage) with one of the Pier1 pagoda is so cute! LOVE it!

Your impatiens in the earlier post are so pretty!!!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Oh, and I think that Amy's idea rocks out loud...Pier1 should so hire you as their blogger!

Comeca Jones said...

Love it! Just the twinkle light inspiration I needed!

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