Saturday, May 5, 2012

Light Margaritas!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!
Margaritas are just about my favorite alcoholic drink.
When I was young, I and all my friends would head out on Friday after work
and drink many of them.

But that was then and this is now.
And now?
I rarely have an alcoholic beverage.
Now that I am older...I feel drunk most of the time anyway...I don't need a drink to 
make me stumble around and lose my inhibitions.
Age and life experience will do that to you.

So I prefer not to drink.

But I do miss margaritas.
Well, no more!

Yesterday, some customers at the store were talking about how they were going
to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking Crystal Light Margaritas.

I did a Scooby Do double take 
and said, "Huuuuuiiihhh?"

"What is this I inquired?" 
They all chimed in....
"Crystal Light Margarita mix. Just like regular Crystal Light but it tastes like margaritas."

I swore I was headed to the store to purchase immediately after work.
And I did.

I also bought a special margarita glass to drink it in from the store.
(Special glasses make me very happy.)

I couldn't help but try it as soon as I got home.
Let me tell you....this stuff is the best.
I did not put any tequila in it.
I just mixed a little in my glass with water and added ice.
5 calories per glass.
It's sweet and sour and soooo good.

I'm sure it would be perfect with tequila in it but I don't care about getting drunk.
Actually, I'd prefer, not.

Have you tried this stuff? 
I've tried the Skinny Girl Margarita created by Bethenny Frankel who got paid like 
30 million for her idea and it was just terrible. I will never drink it again.

Anyway, today I'll be drinking Margaritas all day without an ounce of guilt 

Happy Fifth of May!!!


Susan said...

Oh, Nita. These sound de-LISH. I drink mine tequila-free too. :)

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, sounds scrumptious!

Fabiana ~ Ciao! Newport Beach said...

Must try!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

This sounds so good. I agree with your comment, "Now that I am older I feel drunk most of the time anyway." Too funny!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I must try this! I feel the same way - I find the need to drink less & less . I am going to get some of this asap!
I also think that the glass makes all the difference!
Have a pretty day Nita!

sheri said...

Special glasses make me very happy, too. Can't explain it, they just do!

Thanks for the tip. I've never heard of this new flavor but will definitely run out tomorrow to give it a try! Guilt-free Margarita's for the summer, WOOHOO!!!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

yum-dilly-ishus! I'm a Margarita fiend, but have given up alcohol since I've been dieting, this sounds sooooo good. I was like you, I wanted to like Skinny Girl but it just wasn't good, didn't even finish the bottle. Thanks for the tip, I'll be looking for this!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

REally?? I have to try this! I love margaritas but they are loaded with carbs and I have sworn them off...Costco makes delicious premixed alcoholic margaritas...but still lots of sugar and I have to try this!! Thanks Nita!

Pondside said...

I'll have to look for this. I have a friend who is a Crystal Light fanatic and I don't think she knows about this one. Thanks!

Karena said...

Great Nita the image of the margarita looks so refreshing!! I will have just One with alcohol please..

I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


Art by Karena said...

This looks like a winner! A must try! Happy 5th of may!

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