Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open House Sunday

Dallas Cottage
(built 1926)
This little cottage is very light and airy inside.
Oh...I love that giant sheep painting on the wall!
This room is incredibly pretty. 
It's feminine in an understated way.
Diamond pane windows....a favorite of mine.
Lots of art in this home.
Love the color of this kitchen.
I wish this kitchen had white subway tile and different countertops. 
And those wood knobs are not good.
I would have made the kitchen look more vintage...
but I do like the color of the walls and stainless appliances.
There is glamour in this bedroom.
Nice big yard.
Do you like this home? I love the color palette inside but seems it's lost most of it's historic details
except for the living room.


Cynthia Myers said...

Nope, I don't like it.
I LOVE it!
Suddenly I'm thinking of doing my own flooring in this light wood and I have never really considered it before! I love the modern clean look. I always seem to prefer white subway tile but I actually like the butcher block in this home. It really flows with the floor and the backsplash.
I love the art work! The Sheep and then the Zebras in the kitchen, the Doves in the dining room, yep...LOVE it :)
Oh and I'm drooling over the bathroom. I want the glassed-in tub.
Love, Love, Love. This is TOTALLY me. Clean and not fussy.
(or how I hope to be...I'm still tossing out junk!)
:D - Cindi

Anne said...

I love it! It seems really spacious for a home of that era, they must have added on or torn down walls. I love the flow of it (and you've gotta love bathrooms with an outside door... lol!)

Gidget said...

I love this house. The light wood floors work but I would have preferred a little darker antique finish. And I agree with you about the kitchen knobs and subway tile. However, the layout of the kitchen was done very nicely. I could see me living here. ;-)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love this home. The kitchen looks like a Martin Moore kitchen. That must have been the look they were after. Amazing cottage, Nita! Thanks for posting it.

Traci said...

I had the same thoughts as you. They removed the charm. I did love those arched leaded windows. Thanks for posting this I always look forward to your Sunday Open House.

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Oh I love the colors myself...I think all it needs is a little fluffing and accessorizing and it could be brought back to it's nostalgic splendor. Only thing I think I would immediately change is that horrible kitchen island...I'd add a little french flair to that and it would be transformed ! Thank you again for sharing and letting me dream...wish it was closer to home :))

Anonymous said...

I would not change this house in any way--except to restain the countertops and knobs a slightly darker color. Great house!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I really like the french doors, subway tile and glass door in the bathroom. And that diamond pane window is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Carlita said...

ALL that beautiful wood, gorgeous!!!

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