Monday, September 27, 2010

Yard of the Month - Edgemere Park

A Garden in September
This beauty is the September Yard of the Month in my neighborhood.

I just have to show a before shot of this home.
This one from 2008.
What a difference landscaping and paint and roof color can make! 
Actually, they got their new roof just hours before I shot my photos.
This illustrates just how important roof color is in the overall look of your home.

This house looked even worse before as seen in this photo from 2004
I never paid any attention to this house until recently. 
It was not on my list of favorite homes in the neighborhood until the most recent owners - 
Anthony and Lindsay brought out her best.
This just shows what is possible.
You can turn an ugly duckling into a swan.

As gorgeous as this home is on the outside...wait till you see the inside. 
Lindsay and Anthony graciously let me take photos of the inside. 
Each room is more beautiful than the next. I'll be posting all tomorrow.
The loveliness begins at the entry.
Lots more to show soon.


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Dear Nita:

What a fabulous transformation. You're right - the proper colour, a little love and some landscaping goes a long way. Cannot wait to see the interior. I love home tours!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the rest. Love how they added the black trim really added dimension and took away the blah.

Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion said...

Your neighbors did a great job on the house! I'm dying to know what that plant is in pic #5 and 6, the one spilling over the edge of the urn - do you know what it is? Love the look and if it works with our climate I may be able to keep it alive in our yard... Thanks!

Tanna said...

Looking forward to seeing more interior shots!

Nita Stacy said...

Titti -
That plant is moneywort. It is one of my favorites. It's sold as a ground cover. It's a perennial. It's very easy to grow. I had it at my other house as a ground cover and loved it. I actually have a little of it growing in a pot on my back deck.

I also had it in my front flowerbed here but it seems to be too hot and sunny for it there with a southern exposure. It likes dappled sunlight.

I know neighbors that have it growing on their side lawns in abundance. It can be invasive. But I've never had problems with it. I had it at my old house and when my sister moved in, she didn't like it, but she doesn't like anything....she just quit watering it and it died. So it's easy in my experience to get rid of if you tire of it.

I'd love to plant in pots in my front yard but afraid it's too sunny.

Let me know if you plant some. I'm thinking of putting it as a ground cover on the sides of my house. It does not grow vertical only on the ground and trailing. I love it.

Olive said...

The darker roof color made a huge difference.

Kifus said...

Wow, looks stunning with just a few changes! Looking forward to see the interiors!