Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchens & Lady GaGa

pretty, pretty little I adore you
source: decorpad
source: decorpad

My kitchen is not so pretty at the moment. I'm cleaning it today. It needed it badly. 
I just haven't been here lately. 
I got my friend's dining room all painted and it looks great. 
I'll show a photo of it after it gets all put back together. 
Most likely at Thanksgiving and Christmas because she's a fantastic decorator and you'd really enjoy it. 

Last night Lady GaGa took home 8 Moonmen at the MTV VMA's. And she looked over the top fabulous as usual.
wearing Alexander McQueen
I thought her meat dress was a huge, huge miss, however. 

She wore it as a political statement, stating that if we didn't stand up for our rights, 
we were no more than the meat on our bones. 
(this had to do with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell)
This did not work for me. 
Wearing dead animals is always wrong. 
I don't care if you are making a political statement. 

I assumed when I first saw it, that it was all I didn't really care,
but read this morning that the shoes, hat and purse were actual meat. 

I'm a I was very offended by it,
as I'm sure she will find that many many of her monsters are. 
Just a little misstep. She's young. 
Actually, I was kind of shocked to find out she is not a vegetarian.
Kind of thought she would be.

I love everything she does. Her clothes, her music, her videos...
but she needs to not wear meat ever again or I may change my mind.

But I think maybe the biggest news of the night was Cher! Look at her. 
She really did "Turn Back Time!" 
That's the same outfit she wore 20 years ago. 

I guess these two subjects did not go together at all....kitchens and Lady GaGa.
Other than she should have left the meat in the kitchen.
Not my kitchen....but someone's.
I can proudly admit that I've never cooked meat....
No I take that back, I did cook some frozen meat thing for the weenies once. 
But that's it.
It was disgusting.
They survive on the very best kibble, veggies (yum....they love em), McDonald's hamburgers (yes, I'll buy meat for the weenies on special occassions), and love.


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

The meat dress was way over the top - even for Ms. GaGa! Cher is still looking FAB.

Erin said...

Did you know the Beatles wore meat for an album cover back in the day? Wonder what people thought about it then? I think it would feel really weird, but I actually found the meat dress compelling and worked getting her attention(as if she lacks?) and on GaGa, somehow appropriate(she is bold about her opinions)? I do eat meat, but wouldn't wear it.

Olive said...

I love all that mass of curls on Cher...gorgeous. hugs♥olive