Friday, September 24, 2010

Pink Chair

Just Because
I'm posting this photo just because I love it 
and because I haven't had time to create any of the posts that I intended this week.
I am making headway on my sewing....but the gutter guy showed up Wednesday morning 
and was here all day....till 7:30pm!

He was making me feel really uncomfortable. 
Telling me what pretty eyes I have and what a pretty girl I am and just generally creepy. 
And ringing my door bell and asking me all kinds of questions....
so that I really couldn't do anything while he was here.
He kept saying that I looked like trouble. 
(I think he'd been talking to my know he had)
I thought he would never leave. Towards the end he was hanging around my front door 
and acting like he wanted to come in....I gave him ice water...but did NOT ask him in.

Next day, which was Thursday, my Brother in Law came up to fix the electrical wire that he cut 
during the taking down of my carport. This was an all day project for the both of us.

Its still not up to code but its where I can now plug an extension cord into it 
and get into my garage again till we finish it.

Then....we opened the garage door for the first time since my new roof was put on.

Ugh....there is dust and shingles and junk everywhere from when they put my roof on. 
So this is going to be a whole other day of cleaning. 
I didn't realize the trash that would fall from the roof or I would have covered everything in there.
I just had to shut the door and not think about it. It was late in the day anyway.

All my Halloween jack-o-lanterns covered in black dust. I'm sure they'll hose off and be ok....
but how discouraging to find a big project to do when I still have the storm windows to clean 
and get back on the house.

Times like these....I think...hmmmm maybe I do need a man in my life. 

Good thing I didn't see this till after the gutter guy. 
I might have been tempted to take him up on his offer of going out some time. 
I could have gone out with him, just long enough for him to clean my garage and get 
my storm windows cleaned and back on. do have standards.


Teri said...

Wow! What crass behavior. I'd of fired his butt on the spot for harrassment!!! And reported him to the BBB.

Be careful. The creep could be nutsy.

Marie said...

Ugh! He does sound creepy, doesn't he? Sounds like you're doing some major projects around your storybook home. Hey, come check out my post today, I dedicated it to you and Julia from Hooked on Houses. It's about the french chateau for sale I mentioned the other day.

Nita Stacy said...

I have been doing major things around my home and I'm ready to get back to the fun stuff. I still need to fix the trim on the garage and paint plus the other stuff mentioned.

I'm thrilled to have a post dedicated to me over at your blog. Thanks so much!

Cindi Myers said...

I've been a little behind on catching up on my fav blogs but I agree. BE CAREFUL!
I just did a post last week about how we as women have to follow our intuitions and be careful.
(That's why I might have a houseful of teeny tiny dogs but I also have ONE HUGE one!)