Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Show Off

The Amazing Weenie!

I just had to share this although many probably read her blog (DIY Show Off) every day and have seen already. But I have to rejoice in that Roeshel's little doxie, Niski is totally recuperated. For those of you who don't know, she was suddenly paralyzed 9 weeks ago. The vets advised back surgery or complete bed rest for 8 weeks. Going on the advice of many that chimed in on her blog, Roeshel put Niski on complete bed rest.  
And here is Niski today....

This brought tears of joy to my eyes.
I had my own scare with Newman as most of you know. As of today, he is almost 100%. His new ramp came yesterday and for the first time in two weeks he slept in the bed instead of under it.

Of all the weenies....Harvey was the first to take to it. He can't get up on the bed by himself or down. He never has been able to, even as a puppy. So he was thrilled to be in charge of his own destiny for once.

Violet isn't crazy about it but she's getting there. Newman likes it, not as much as jumping but he was so happy when he got in the bed last night for the first time in two weeks that he did a happy dance but his was on his side squirming all around the bed. He was very happy to be back up in bed with us all and not having to worry about jumping out. This morning when there was a noise outside...his head popped up and he ran down the ramp. Then after a few minutes came running back up the ramp. He immediately came up to kiss me as if to say..."Hey that's cool...thanks for getting me that ramp thing".

The only weenie that has not done it, is Sally. She does not like it. I pulled her up it and pulled her down it and then she hid under the bed. She wants no part of it. I'm sure eventually, she'll get used to it.

Also over at Roeshel's DIY Show Off, she's having a really cool contest with True Value. You can win $2,500 worth of product from True Value Hardware to get one of your big DIY projects done at home. I'm looking around and thinking...which project to enter? There are so many.

Please go by her blog and enter.
Niski says you must.

Ahhhh....Happy you.


Olive Cooper said...

Yay for Newman! I know Sally will catch on soon enough. hugs♥olive

Robyn said...

OHH that just made me so happy! I love puppy dogs! My furbabies dance too and I just giggle giggle giggle! Newest follower. Any doggie lover is a friend of mine!

oldblackcatboo said...

Love that video!
So nice to see a Happy Ending.

Hmmm, maybe I need to get a ramp for my little ones!?

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