Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tudor Style Real Estate

Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Here are a few houses in my neighborhood for sale. Mom and I went to open houses last weekend and toured all but one of these homes. I thought you might like to see them or maybe you'd like to buy one of them. 
All  are classified as historical.

House 1
This one is just around the corner from me in Edgemere Park.
I love this staircase with the alcove.
Ok, so maybe the kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. It's just terrible but it can be changed.

1464 sq ft  -  built: 1937

House 2
This one is also in Edgemere Park next door to my good friend Petra. She is hoping for a really great new neighbor. She keeps asking me to help her find a new next door neighbor. So, I took it to the can't say I didn't try.
I'd have to do something with this fireplace. This is the second of two in the house. The other one is strange as well. It looks to be covering up the original fireplace. I'd bet there is tile under that wood. If I bought this house....I'd demo the fireplaces immediately to find out what was underneath and if there wasn't anything....I'd create a fireplace like I did in my home. (my fireplace) But I bet there is something there.
The owner is finishing up a kitchen redo. She still has light fixtures to put in. I'm loving the way this is looking. 
Big Don't like the refrigerator being next to it. But as I remember it, there is room to move the refrigerator to another wall...which I would do.
Vintage tile bath....we all know how much I like that.
Nice cottage style backyard complete with labrador. 
1482 sq ft  -  built: 1929

House 3 
This one is around the corner and up the street from me. It sits on a very pretty street. This one has been on the market for quite awhile. It needs updating. But has great potential.
These photos were taken in the early I guess that is how long it's been on the market. Unheard of practically in my neighborhood where houses are known to sell in a day. (ok, that was my house....I knew I had to have it and bought it the first day it was on the market) But really it's not uncommon for houses to sell in my neighborhood without even being listed because everyone wants to be in this hood. So houses often sell to friends or by word of mouth.
A photo looking out the front door. A street full of little tudors. This picture too taken early spring before "The Great Hail Storm of 010".
This is an odd fireplace. That brass insert would have to go immediately. That tile doesn't look to be I'd have to rethink the design of this and add a mantel for sure, not very expensive to do though. Windows are small...and I like a lot of windows...but get rid of the shutters and it would be much better.
I'm sure this is stopping a lot of sales. This kitchen is terrible. It does look to be bigger than the standard galley kitchen often found in these homes. I'm all about vintage kitchens but this does not look original. Looks like maybe it was redone in the 50's. Ick.
Nice new and clean bathroom...but it lacks character. The listing says it has three baths. I haven't been in this house personally. I'm just showing photos from the listing because it's just around the corner from me.

This one is bigger than the others at 
2492 sq ft  - built: 1937

House 4
This house is not in my neighborhood but is in the neighborhood just to the north of me - Crown Heights. Another neighborhood full of tudor revival homes. Mom says she will give me her baby grand piano. I was thinking I didn't have room for it. But I guess I could squeeze it in the living room in this very spot. Something to think about. Or I could get rid of my dining room table and turn my dining room into a piano bar. I even thought about putting tall stools around it and eating on the piano....thoughts?
This kitchen was much better than it appears here. The breakfast room next to it had fabulous wallpaper which you cannot see here and the ceiling in this kitchen....was....cut red velvet flocked paper. And it looked over the top, great. I don't know how you clean velvet wallpaper though....seems like a bit of a problem in a kitchen but it looked bordello-fantastic and I mean that in the nicest way. I really did like it.
Oh...there is a glimpse at the wallpaper in the breakfast room.
Upstairs was the master. This bed was fantastic, muted pink velvet. Too bad the photo is blurry. I want this bed.
And a view of the room from the bed.
The vintage tile bathroom on the 1st floor. I'd change out that vanity immediately. There is a large bathroom upstairs off the master too. 
This is just a small part of the yard. I don't know why the realtor didn't show the huge back deck just out the back door.

2770 sq ft  -  built: 1930

I'm not connected in anyway with any of these homes...oh except for that one next door to Petra that I said I'd try to help her find a good person for. But I have nothing to do with the sale of any of these. I'm just obsessed with going to Open Houses around my neighborhood and thought maybe you'd like to see a few.


Rene said...

Oooh fun, fun, fun! I love to look at houses! Some of those look like they could be in my neighborhood too. It is almost better to find an old house that needs everything done rather one that has had really bad updates made, sister vintage tile lover, yes?


Zaira said...

Wow Nita!! I would be so glad to be your neighbour...but I may get lost in a big house like those....not used to ;)

Any news, darling?
Kisses for you xx

Marie said...

I really like house #1, the interior is amazing, and that kitchen can totally be amazing too. Although I like the facade of house #2 coz it looks like I can make it into a French style home. And those prices are incredibly low compared to here in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

LOL - - I was completely over the moon on the first house - - until I saw the kitchen! Oh my! I will admit to having the exact same vent hood, though. : ) Looks like this was an early 80s, very misguided revamp of the kitchen.

But the remainder of the home has great lines, beautiful woodwork, interesting rooms. I'm just not loving that front door opening right into the living room and the stairway. That's unusual for that era of houses, isn't it?

HollyM, The Annonymous

Olive Cooper said...

Nita, we like to poke around houses also. These Tudors are pretty. I like the open shelves in that kitchen. I would like to do that at our yellow house one day. It does force neatness. olive♦

Michael - Innkeeper said...

i like number 2 the best! but, i totally agree about the appliances. why both on one wall? weird. amazing stove though!

it was fun looking at the houses! thanks for sharning!

oldblackcatboo said...

I LOVE the outside of House 3!
But I'm lusting after House 1, I will be daydreaming about that staircase for days!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I found this so interesting, I just love looking at homes.

Victoria said...

I would take any one of those houses, they're all gorgeous! I can't believe the prices, those would cost probably over half a million here!

Terrell said...

I would love to be your neighbor!! think of all the shopping and decorating we could do together!! :) I live in Broken Arrow currently and someday I plan on moving to Edmond/OKC area! YAY! I am so glad we can follow each others blog and chat often! Have a super weekend, girly!
~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

The Zhush said...

That was so more! :)

Nancy said...

I absolutely love the winding staircase shown in house 1. It's fairytale-ish! They are all so charming!


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