Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Rug Company

My Favorite Images

These are my favorite rooms and rugs as seen on The Rug Company's website (The Rug Company).
I would gladly live in any of these rooms.
They DO have the most delectable rugs.  
There is a theme here...pastels. I can't help myself....pastels make me happy.

The Rug Company influenced my rug choice in the living room. When I first moved in to this house and built my reproduction tile fireplace, I put in a beige rug from Target. But after seeing all this scrumptious floor icing at The Rug Company...I obsessed about having a colorful rug. I actually found a very close inexpensive copy to the first photo which was my favorite. But even it was too expensive for my budget.

My Mom had bought me the Target rug. Later, inspired by The Rug Company, I found a bright yellow with flowers rug on Ebay that I have in the living room now. Total cost was $70 including shipping. A real bargain or maybe not. Because now, I'm growing tired of it and since I still can't afford the rug I want...
I'm thinking of switching back to the beige one. It looks really good with the fireplace but a little flat with all else.

Should I switch the rug back? It involves me scooting and shifting furniture by myself so I have to really be sure I want to do it before I do it.

My Rug Dilemma
beige rug

colorful rug

I know this doesn't show much of it...I think because I don't like it. Every picture I had didn't show much of it. I'll try to take another tomorrow. Probably right before I jerk it out of there and switch to the other. I really think I'm over it. It looks like a tween's bedroom rug. Which is exactly what it is. 


Olive said...

I like the colorful one best. You could spend seven dollars at Lowes or HD and get those furniture scooters and the furniture will just glide and not scratch your floor. My darling neighbor moves large antiques this way all the time! Save your back. hugs♥olive

Lottie said...

You should keep the rug you love. I like the beige rug myself. It really sets off the fireplace.

seanymph said...

I like the beige rug. I think it puts the focus on the other things in the room instead of the floor. And your room is so pretty. :)