Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weenie Dogs Galore!

Dog Day of Summer!
Today, Grandma Alice came to visit and she brought her three weenies. This one is Marcus. He is my Harvey's twin brother.
Everyone wants Grandma Alice's attention.
This is Daisy May Violet's full sister.
And this is Rosie June LeFleur. She is Violet and Daisy's full sister from a different litter...but shhhhhh....she doesn't know that...or if she does she's forgotten. She is a little Diva. I tell Mom that she is not a dachshund that she's spoiled her and turned her into a poodle. 
And another shot of Marcus....Harvey's big brother and a cousin to Newman. 
Harvey in the background and Marcus in the foreground...Marcus's knick name is Moose.

I tried so hard to get a photo with all seven of them together....
Mom tried to get them all to come sit together....
I think this is still just six of them. I think Rosie "The Diva" is inside.
We finally gave up. The dogs were too hot outside anyway and Mom needed to go back home. 

Newman cried and cried after they left. He loves Rosie the most and misses her after he's seen her and will cry for half an hour after one of her visits. It breaks my heart to hear him cry.

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René said...

What a sweet post! I'll bet they all enjoy being together if only for a little while. So sweet. Spoiled poodle, lol.


Lottie said...

What a bundle of love! The pictures are all darling!

Coloradolady said...

What a marvelous day this must have been!! I have to ask who designed your blog button and cute design work at the end of your page....I so wish I had one that says rich in dishes and dogs....I have three dachshunds and I fell in love with your button...oh, so cute!!!

So glad to find a delightful blog with wiener dogs!!

Coloradolady said...

Good Grief...I was so taken with the cuteness of your blog look, I totally realize I actually have been here plenty of this a new look??? Or has the heat totally taken away my brain today??? LOL

Kellie Collis said...

Such a gorgeous post. It makes my heart warm seeing these gorgeous and happy puppies ! xx

Olive said...

That is a lot of puppy sweetness! My dad always had a "sausage" dog when I was little. I can never look at them without thinking of him. have a fun day♥olive

Cindi Myers said...

Well...I don't even remember now who's blog I was on when the name ModVintageLife caught my eye while reading comments. I thought, Hmm, I like that name. So I come over here and my first thought was CRAP! Dogs! I can't follow ANOTHER Blog! (I'm totally addicted to my doggies) So. Then I start reading How you met Your House....I'm sitting here crying, thinking of my own Dad, who passed away suddenly several years ago. Then I start scrolling through you posts...OK, So I'm your newest follower!

Christie said...

Nita, you have such a lovely blog! Thank you for coming to visit at threepixielane! I love the sweet little friends in these pictures! Aren't dogs the BEST!

The Chick said...

They are just so sweet! I can barely handle one, I am suprised they didn't drive you two nuts!

Romie cries when people and dogs leave too. He thinks everyone should just live with us. I bet he would have a change of heart if he knew that meant shared attention. :)